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    Thu Jun 11, 2020

    A Day in the Life with Susie Kocher, Central Sierra Cooperative Extension

    This month, we connected with Susie Kocher, Forestry & Natural Resources Advisor for the University of California Cooperative Extension, to learn…


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    Thu Nov 21, 2019

    A Day in The Life: Network Coordinators

    Connecting, sharing, framing.
    Scheduling, organizing, illuminating.
    Asking hard questions. Co-developing strategies.
    Cheerleading, amplifying,…


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    Thu Jun 06, 2019

    A Day in the Life with Andrew Notbohm: How Emergency Management and FAC Go Hand in Hand

    Interviewer’s note: During my five years working with FAC Net, I’ve discovered a passion for understanding how communities prepare for, respond to…


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    Thu Jul 19, 2018

    Redefining Environmentalism: A Day in the Life with Hilary Lundgren

    Growing up, my family piled into our FJ55 Toyota Landcruiser for “safaris.” We drove to the forest, into the Blue Mountains, which are tucked in…


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    Thu Apr 12, 2018

    Farmer Gone FAC: A Day in the Life with Frank M. Riley Jr.

    My roots run deep in Towns County, Georgia. My grandfather was born here in the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1889, and in fact, he was Towns…


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    Thu Mar 22, 2018

    Fire in His Blood, Pace and Scale on His Mind: A Day in the Life with Forest Schafer

    It’s hard to forget your first wildland fire. Mine was years before I started fighting fires, and I remember seeing trees explode into flames as…


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    Tue Jan 09, 2018

    Working Together: That’s the Central-Oregon Way [A Day in the Life with Alison Green]

    What did you do prior to working on community wildfire resilience? How did you get into FAC work?
    Prior to Project Wildfire, I fought fire for the…


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    Wed Dec 27, 2017

    Getting It Done: A Day in the Life with Austin Fire Department’s Wildfire Fuels Mitigation Crew


    Not all fire departments have a wildland fire division. How did yours evolve?
    As Travis County has expanded into previously rural areas,…


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    Tue Nov 21, 2017

    The Power of the Partnership: A Day in the Life with Eytan Krasilovsky

    Where does your job take you?
    Just yesterday, I helped lead a field tour in the Zuni Mountains landscape, where I have been working in partnership…


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    Tue Nov 07, 2017

    Building Networks Regionally and Statewide: A Day in the Life with Pam Wilson

    What did you do before working on community wildfire resilience?
    During my first career, I worked for the USDA Forest Service. My last job with…


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