About Us

A Collaborative group looks at prescribed-fire effects photo by Ed Keith, Deschutes County

Our Mission

FAC Net exists to support and connect people and communities working on wildfire resilience. It offers community-based leaders resources, tools and connections to reduce their wildfire risk and increase community resilience. FAC Net is a catalyst for spreading fire adaptation practices and innovations nationwide.

FAC Net centers socio-ecological relationships. Deliberately shaping these relationships is what will create fire cultures that allow fire to play more of its natural role while protecting people and assets from the damage it can do. We combine support for on-the-ground project work with professional development, peer learning and coaching, and long-range strategic planning to invest in better fire outcomes. 

We work with people and in place over time because the leadership required to truly transform our relationships with fire takes more than monetary investment or one-time training. It takes time and local leadership.

Our Story

Learn more about the history of the FAC Learning Network and discover how FAC Net and its members are changing the future of fire. Click here to learn more.

Network Members

FAC Net is its members. Core Members determine areas of emphasis and actively contribute to the Network’s mission by sharing their fire adaptation strategies, participating in learning opportunities and training exchanges, and developing resources and tools for other community leaders.  Affiliate Members enjoy many of the same benefits and membership is open through an online, free application! Click here to learn more about how you can join FAC Net! 

Impact Reports

FAC Net is part of a multi-organizational team and approach to community wildfire adaptation. Read more about the partnership work in these annual reports:

Our Team

The Network is operated by staff in California, Colorado and Washington State. The Network also has several advisers and affiliated researchers. Our team supports members with technical assistance, hosts learning groups, and creates opportunities to build new knowledge and practice. Our team also supports the development of fire adaptation strategies in states across the nation. Click here to learn more about our team.


The Network is stewarded by The Watershed Research and Training Center and funded through a collaborative partnership between the Watershed Research and Training Center, The Nature Conservancy, the USDA Forest Service, and the Department of the Interior.

The Nature Conservancy
Watershed Center, Hayfork, California