A firefighter patrols the fireline during a prescribed fire at Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge in March 2014. Winter can be a slower field season for some fire adapted practitioners, making it a great time to catch up on the great resources online! Credit: Rob Wood, U.S. Fish and Wildfire Service

Autumn: A Season of… Webinars!

By: Emily Troisi

Topic: Communications / Outreach Defensible space / Firewise Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Learning networks

Type: Tools / Resources

Mendocinco stakeholders review information on a computer screen.

Some of our partners in Mendocino learn through a technology-supported discussion. Listening to one of these webinars is another great way to learn! Credit: Mary Huffman, The Nature Conservancy

There has been a plethora of great virtual workshops lately! Webinars can come in all sorts of formats – some are interactive, while others are presentations from either a panel of experts or a single presenter. They range from short soundbites to long sessions and may focus on skill-building, information sharing or a combination of both. These past few months, webinars have focused on a variety of topics related to fire adapted communities!

Here is a summary of my favorite, recent webinars:

Community Risk Reduction Success Stories:

This Firewise webinar features three stories of successful community wildfire risk reduction. The stories come from Colorado, Idaho and Washington (featuring FAC Net member Jerry McAdams from Boise Fire Department and affiliate member Patrick Haggerty from the Cascadia Conservation District).

Introductory slide for Firewise's recent success story webinar, one of the webinars highlighted in this post.

Learn from some of FAC Net’s members and affiliates by checking out some of these recent webinars. Credit: Screenshot from Firewise’s “Community Risk Reduction Success Stories” webinar.

Fire Adapted Cities: Prescribed Fire Use in Urban and Community Forest Management:

Hosted by the Southern Fire Exchange, this webinar featured FAC Net member Justice Jones, from the Austin Fire Department. It focused on the use of prescribed fire in urban forest management. There were a ton of great questions, as well as interesting stories shared.

Network Knowledge Mapping: Mapping the Known, Discovering the Unknown:

This webinar from the Center on Network Science covered how to map both research findings and people’s experiences (documented through interviewing and collaborative mapping approaches). These methods can help bridge the gap between academia and practice and are extremely helpful in the world of FAC.

The Wildfire Research (WiRē) Team: Infusing Social Science into Wildfire Education Programs through Collaboration and Systematic Data Collection:

(Note: this recording is not currently available, but it should be soon. It can be found on the channel linked above when it is available).

The WiRē team is a Colorado-based, interdisciplinary research collaboration that is collecting household and community level data to inform the development of wildfire education programs.  This webinar features James Meldrum (Fort Collins Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey); Patricia Champ (USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station); Chris Barth (Bureau of Land Management); and Lilia Falk (West Region Wildfire Council).

Before you go!

Lastly, make sure to check out FAC Net’s YouTube Channel. That is where we post the recordings of our webinars, which range in focus from engaging with homeowners, to community wildfire protection plans, to social science and more!

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