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Topic: Business resilience

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  1. When Wildfire Hits the Ranch: Lessons Learned from the Thomas Fire

    Matthew Shapero, University of California Cooperative Extension

    Just as quickly as the Thomas Fire swept through parts of our community, the questions started flooding my office: Should we prune our burned avocado trees? Can I graze my cattle on burned pastures, and if not, how can I increase my forage production… Read More

  2. Long-term Recovery Planning: Where We Started [Learning Exchange Summary]

    Emily Troisi

    Author’s Note: Contributed to by Alison Green, Hilary Lundgren and Ed Keith. Fire adapted communities take action before, during and after a wildfire. Fire adapted communities are also resilient communities. Last month, Hilary Lundgren (Chumstick… Read More

  3. Business Resilience in North Central Washington

    Annie Schmidt, Hilary Lundgren

    Editor’s Note: A version of this post first appeared on the Washington State Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network blog.  The approach to business resilience in the Leavenworth, WA area has evolved over the past several years and is grounded… Read More

  4. Small Business Planning for Wildfire

    Molly Mowery

      In making our communities more fire adapted, we often focus on… Read More