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Topic: Climate change

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  1. Science Tuesday: Frost on Fire

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    Climate change can sometimes feel like an abstraction, especially in places with moderate weather, like where I live on the northern California coast. Even during periods of extreme drought or severe fire weather across the West, my coastal climate… Read More

  2. Science Tuesday: Fire History is Human History

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    I recently found myself venting about the idea of “nature.” The concept has always bothered me. There’s an inherent separatism in it—an implicit line in the sand between humans and nature, where we can and should appreciate it, but we think… Read More

  3. Too Many Trees: Firescape Mendocino Plans for Bark Beetles

    Guy Duffner, Mary Huffman

    Years of drought in northern California are contributing to forest conditions ripe for bark beetle infestations on a much larger scale than the region has seen in recent history. This invasion of bark beetles is currently having incredibly… Read More

  4. Science Tuesday: Highlights From a Decade of Fire and Climate Research

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    It’s been ten years since Andy Westerling and his colleagues published their landmark paper on climate change and fire. In that paper, they showed that increased fire activity in the western United States was related more to a changing climate than… Read More

  5. Topic: Climate change Type: Essay

    It’s Time to Tackle Global Fire Issues

    Wendy Fulks

    My good friend and colleague Mary Huffman recently published an article in Fire Ecology in which she makes some proposals… Read More

  6. Lessons From the California Adaptation Forum

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Last week’s California Adaption Forum brought together over 800 people working on the challenges of climate change impacts, including California’s fire season, which is now 70 days longer than historical average. During CAL FIRE Chief Ken… Read More