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  1. Key Principles Behind Utah’s New Wildfire Policy: Engaging Municipalities and Distributing Risk

    BY: Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands

    Written by: Jennifer Hansen, Utah Wildland Urban Interface Program Coordinator,  State of Utah, Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands All over the country, FAC… Read More

  2. Four Corners Learning Exchange Highlights Mitigation Work and Culture Change

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    The Southwest is a new landscape for me, different than my northern California mixed-conifer home. So it is a special treat to be attending a learning exchange here, hosted by… Read More

  3. Social Impact Networks Are Helping Solve the World’s Complex Problems

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Reflections on a Network Leadership Symposium Wow. As a FAC Net staff co-lead, I thought I was pretty fired up about learning networks. Nope. Not compared to these… Read More

  4. So Little Time, So Much to Read: Conflict Management Blogs I Follow

    BY: Michele Straube

    Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Environmental Dispute Resolution (EDR) Program blog. Reposted with the author’s permission.  Michele Straube is… Read More

  5. Using Fire to Treat Privately Owned Forests in Oregon: The Burn Boss Perspective

    BY: Amanda Stamper

    Editor’s Note: This is part two of a three-part series. Read part one: The Landowners’ Perspective.  Amanda… Read More

  6. Cherokee Foothills Fire Adapted Landscape Restoration Project

    BY: Frank Riley Jr.

    In late 2015 a partnership was organized in northeast Georgia and northwest South Carolina to develop a proposal for the Two Joint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership.… Read More

  7. FAC Net Regional Learning Exchange: Southern Oregon

    BY: Alison Lerch, Ashley Lara

    In June of 2015, around 80 natural resources and fire adapted communities practitioners congregated for the Fire Learning Network and Fire Adapted Communities Learning… Read More

  8. A Different Approach To Our Wildfire Message

    BY: Gloria Erickson, Matt Frank

    Is there a different way to reach out to people when relaying our wildfire message — a more personalized message, a message that tells a story, a message that doesn’t come… Read More

  9. First Municipal Fire Safety Council Formed in Barnegat Township

    BY: Bill Brash

    The statewide New Jersey Fire Safety Council was founded in July 2015, and the first of what we hope will become a network of municipal fire safety councils was formed in… Read More