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  1. Washington FAC Network Press Release

    BY: Ryan Anderson, WA FAC Learning Network

    The Washington FAC Learning Network is taking the national FAC Learning Network model to the state scale. Read the full press release below: “FOR IMMEDIATE… Read More

  2. Baker County FAC Effort Welcomes New Partner

    BY: Ronda Sutphen, Florida Forest Service

      Doug Moore, owner of South Prong Plantation. Photo credit: Joel Addington, Baker County… Read More

  3. Local FAC Leaders Convene Second Peer-Learning Session in Albuquerque, NM

    BY: Matt Piccarello, Forest Guild

    A version of this post originally appeared in On March 19, 2015 fire adapted communities (FAC) leaders and partners from northern and central… Read More

  4. NJ: Sharing Wildfire Lessons with the UK

    BY: Bill Brash, Mercer County Soil Conservation District

      Alan Clark, a Surrey County,… Read More

  5. Building FAC Skills: Collaborative Learning Training Program

    FAC Network Participant

    In the fall of 2014, Gloria Erickson, Dovetail Partners’ Local Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator, attended a Collaborative Learning Training Program (CLTP) workshop at… Read More

  6. Considerations for Fostering Local FAC Collaboratives

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Following our last webinar we surveyed Network participants about topics they’d like to learn more about. Among the many ideas provided was a request to learn more about… Read More

  7. Integration of Cohesive Strategy Goals a Reality in California’s Klamath Mountains

    BY: Kate Lighthall

    A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Western Klamath Restoration Partnership (WKRP) and attend their field trip for the Somes Bar Integrated Fire Management and… Read More

  8. Western Klamath Restoration Partnership Hits the Ground Running

    FAC Network Participant

    From the office to the field The Western Klamath Restoration Partnership (WKRP) in Northern California has been meeting for over a year to develop a common vision for the… Read More

  9. Resources for Planning and Leading Effective Meetings and Collaborative Learning Processes

    BY: Emily Troisi

    Meetings. Workshops. Conferences. We have all been to them; they are a routine part of working together. You know when you have been to a bad meeting, where the meetings… Read More

  10. Fire Departments Conduct FAC Exchange

    FAC Network Participant

    Written by Justices Jones, Austin Fire Department One of the challenges facing any wildland-urban interface community is determining what scale is most appropriate for… Read More