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  1. Approaching Relationships with Landowners

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Dave, The Watershed Center’s Forestry, Fire and Fuels Program Manager, came into the office yesterday wiping the sweat from his forehead. He’d spent the better part of the… Read More

  2. Fire Adapted Communities: On the Front Lines in Ely, Minnesota

    BY: Dovetail Partners, Inc , Gloria Erickson

    Each community in every region has its own relationship to wildfire risks. There are common themes – wildfire season, fuel loading, preparedness plans, etc. – but local… Read More

  3. Forest Service Reports on Budget Impacts of Firefighting

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack recently unveiled a US Forest Service report on the impacts of rising firefighting costs on the budgets of other National Forest… Read More

  4. Common Grant Writing Missteps – and Solutions!

    FAC Network Participant

    Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend a Grant Skills Workshop in Colorado, sponsored by FEMA, Colorado United, American Red Cross, and several other key partners.… Read More

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  5. Making Things Happen for Rural America Is What RC&D’s Do

    BY: Frank Riley

    Workers are the most valuable part of any program and they are usually the hardest component to gather up, but if you look under the right rocks in most communities there are… Read More

  6. Youth Engagement in FAC Part II: Service Learning

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    In the first post in this series I shared several youth engagement approaches FAC Net participants have incorporated into their work. In this post, I’ll provide more… Read More

  7. How Can Youth Play a Role in FAC?

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    I grew up in a family of educators, so our lives were ruled by the school calendar. My parents still work at the local school district, as does my husband, and the familiar… Read More

  8. Can Public Outreach Increase Smoke Acceptance?

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    The Network hub organizations are in the process of finalizing their work plans for the next 12 months and at least two (those working in Flagstaff, Arizona and Deschutes… Read More

  9. Guide to Fire Adapted Communities

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    The Fire Adapted Communities Coalition recently released a Guide to Fire Adapted Communities. The six chapter guide covers everything from “What is a Fire Adapted… Read More

  10. What Makes a FAC Program Worth Investing In?

    BY: David Burchfield

      Annie Schmidt of the Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coaltion accepts her prize from Nick Goulette. Photo… Read More