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Topic: Fuels treatment economics

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  1. Managing New Jersey’s Forests for Resiliency: Let’s Come Together

    New Jersey Fire Safety Council

    As a young boy, I hiked, hunted and trapped. It was common to hear quail and grouse in young forests as sparrowhawks flew overhead. Today, these birds are rare in New Jersey’s forests and have been replaced by species like pileated woodpeckers,… Read More

  2. Making Lemonade from Lemons: How Intense Wildfire Seasons Yielded Utah’s New Wildfire Policy

    Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands Jennifer Hansen, Nathan Barrons

    In January, I wrote a blog about Utah’s comprehensive wildland fire management policy, which passed in the 2016 Legislative Session. The policy is based on the principle of risk reduction, wherein the state pays for large and extended wildland fire… Read More

  3. Discussing the Future of Ponderosa Pine and the Timber Economy in Southwest Colorado

    Rebecca Samulski

    Vallecito Lake, nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, lies within a ponderosa pine ecosystem. It therefore provided the perfect setting for FireWise of Southwest Colorado’s  Ponderosa Pine Connection: Science & Industry meeting this… Read More

  4. Using GIS to Analyze Slash Site Outcomes

    Jonathan Bruno

    Colorado’s Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP) has operated several slash drop-off sites since 2003. Initially, CUSP viewed the slash sites as having a singular purpose: to collect slash from private residences within our area. What we have… Read More

  5. A Month in the Working Life of One Fire Adapted Communities Practitioner

    Rebecca Samulski

    Earlier this summer, an Ambassador arranged for the Mancos Volunteer Fire & Rescue to conduct a training exercise in his neighborhood. Above, they make plans for their triage exercise.… Read More

  6. The Challenging Economics of Treating Fuels to Build Fire Adapted Communities

    Nick Goulette

    Improving the economics of treating fuels to protect communities from wildfire is a daunting task. The National Fire Plan of 2001 marked our first nation-wide attempt at tackling this issue. On a state-by-state and community-by-community basis, folks… Read More

  7. Rapid City, SD Hires Veterans for Wildfire Fuel Mitigation

    Lieutenant Tim Weaver, Rapid City Fire Department

    The Rapid City Fire and Parks Departments announced… Read More