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  1. Bringing Private Landowners into the Fold: A Day in the Life with Ed Keith

    Ed Keith

    Has FAC always been a part of your job duties in your current position? Yes, I’d say FAC has always been a part of my current job, though we may not have called it that early on. My title, county forester, leads some people to think that I… Read More

  2. Working with Fire-Prone Communities in the Northeast: An Interview with Maureen Brooks

    Maureen Brooks

    Maureen Brooks is a cooperative fire specialist on the fire and aviation staff for the Northeastern Area, State and Private Forestry, USDA Forest Service (NA SPF). In her role, she provides technical assistance to 20 northeastern states regarding… Read More

  3. Pile Burning in Southwest Colorado: Complicated Circumstances Offset by Partner Support

    Rebecca Samulski

    When it comes to active burning, FireWise of Southwest Colorado (FWSC) has rented air curtain burners, reimbursed contractors for pile burning on private land and advocated for fire use, but being engaged in the planning and permitting processes for… Read More

  4. Science Tuesday: What’s Your State’s Prescribed Fire Liability Law?

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    Earlier this month, I traveled to New Mexico to meet with Eytan Krasilovsky of the Forest Stewards Guild and other leaders from the New Mexico Prescribed Fire Council. I lead the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council, so I was excited to spend… Read More

  5. Safety and Service First: A Day in the Life with Mike Davis

    Mike Davis

    What led you to work on community wildfire resilience? I began working to promote Firewise programs and prevention activities as far back as 2008. Later, I read about the concept of fire adapted communities in the National Cohesive Wildland Fire… Read More

  6. Winter Pile Burning Highlights: Snow Tips, Outreach and a Surprise

    Allison Jolley

    Because FAC Net is a national network, “winter” means different things for different members. Before moving to the Bay Area, I lived near Lassen Volcanic National Park, a California winter wonderland where 20-40 feet of snow and frequent… Read More

  7. Urban vs. Rural: When it Comes to FAC, What’s the Difference? [Part 2]

    Annie Schmidt, Justice Jones

    Editor’s note: In this post, Justice Jones of the Austin Fire Department and Annie Schmidt of the Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (formerly with the Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition) continue the conversation regarding… Read More

  8. Urban vs. Rural: When it Comes to FAC, What’s the Difference? [Part 1]

    Annie Schmidt, Justice Jones

    Communities learning to live more safely with wildfire come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether they are rural or urban, FAC-focused communities have a great deal in common. However, there are also some setting-specific challenges (and… Read More

  9. Science Tuesday: Fire History is Human History

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    I recently found myself venting about the idea of “nature.” The concept has always bothered me. There’s an inherent separatism in it—an implicit line in the sand between humans and nature, where we can and should appreciate it, but we think… Read More

  10. Citizens Witness Successful Prescribed Burn in Idaho

    Matthew Ward

    The Nature Conservancy (TNC) recently completed 70 acres of controlled burning on TNC’s Flat… Read More