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Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire

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  1. Snapshots of FAC-Building in Baker County, Florida

    BY: Doc Bloodworth, Florida Forest Service

    The dozen or so organizations that make up the Baker County FAC Collaborative have been working together for 11 years. This post summarizes some highlights from the past two… Read More

  2. My Favorite Fall Color is Fire

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    December has brought rain, snow and high winds to northern California, and we’ve all delighted in the intensity of the storms that we’ve so sorely missed the last few… Read More

  3. Wildfire Mitigation and Assistance through USDA-NRCS

    BY: Bill Brash, New Jersey Fire Safety Council

    The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a USDA agency that works with private landowners and others to provide technical and financial assistance for conservation… Read More

  4. Prescribed Burning in Colorado’s Front Range: An After Action Review

    BY: Jonathan Bruno

    As is the case with many of our plans; things changed. I had hoped to write a blog post, heavily laden with smiley faced pictures of fire fighters and smoke billowing off the… Read More

  5. Managing Northeastern Pine Barrens for People and Nature

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Workshop attendees discuss how state agencies engaged residents in the town of Whiting, New Jersey, to plan and… Read More

  6. Burning Together and Learning Together

    FAC Network Participant

    From emergency response to prescribed fire implementation TREX participants learn different ignition techniques… Read More

  7. Prescribed Fire Barriers – Widespread Challenges with Regional Flavors?

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    This coming October, my colleagues and I will be hosting a prescribed fire training exchange here in northwestern California. This will be our third annual event, and we have… Read More

  8. Shevlin Fire Lends a Teachable Moment for Shevlin Commons Residents

    BY: Alison Green, Project Wildfire

    Twenty-five years ago, the Shevlin Commons neighborhood near Bend, Oregon had not even been platted for development when the Awbrey Hall fire consumed much of the natural… Read More

  9. Baker County FAC Effort Welcomes New Partner

    BY: Ronda Sutphen, Florida Forest Service

      Doug Moore, owner of South Prong Plantation. Photo credit: Joel Addington, Baker County… Read More

  10. Building Mitigation Contractor Capacity in Southwest Colorado

    BY: Bill Trimarco

    Archuleta County is a sparsely populated area in the southwest corner of Colorado. The 12,000 residents live mainly near the town of Pagosa Springs. Of the 860,000 acres… Read More