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Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire

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  1. Shevlin Fire Lends a Teachable Moment for Shevlin Commons Residents

    BY: Alison Green, Project Wildfire

    Twenty-five years ago, the Shevlin Commons neighborhood near Bend, Oregon had not even been platted for development when the Awbrey Hall fire consumed much of the natural… Read More

  2. Baker County FAC Effort Welcomes New Partner

    BY: Ronda Sutphen, Florida Forest Service

      Doug Moore, owner of South Prong Plantation. Photo credit: Joel Addington, Baker County… Read More

  3. Building Mitigation Contractor Capacity in Southwest Colorado

    BY: Bill Trimarco

    Archuleta County is a sparsely populated area in the southwest corner of Colorado. The 12,000 residents live mainly near the town of Pagosa Springs. Of the 860,000 acres… Read More

  4. Central Oregon is Preparing for Fire Season

    BY: Alison Green, Project Wildfire

    FireFree is the flagship program of Project Wildfire.  This educational campaign culminates in a call-to-action event each spring to hopefully motivate local residents to… Read More

  5. Building Prescribed Fire Capacity in New Mexico

    BY: Mike Caggiano

      Resources from Federal agencies and local fire departments staged for the prescribed burn. Photo Credit Mike… Read More

  6. Pile Burning Lessons Learned

    FAC Network Participant

    Written by: Jonathan Bruno, Chief Operating Officer Having burned over 5,000 piles in the last few years on public and private property, the Coalition for the Upper South… Read More

  7. The Sauls Creek Prescribed Burn: A Community Success Story

    FAC Network Participant

    The idea of prescribed burning on public lands adjacent to homes may leave many residents quivering with fear; yet it seems more and more residents are recognizing the need to… Read More

  8. Forest Guild Completes First Controlled Burn on Private Land in La Cueva, New Mexico

    FAC Network Participant

    Written By: Eytan Krasilovsky, Southwest Region Director I am excited to report that two weeks ago the Forest Guild completed its first pile burn on private land in Santa Fe… Read More

  9. A Low-Income Wildfire Risk Reduction Pilot Program in SW Colorado

    FAC Network Participant

    With a grant from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, FireWise of Southwest Colorado designed a program to reduce fuels and ember ignition hazards around homes, and… Read More

  10. Oregon Trail: A Landscape-Scale Revegetation Project

    FAC Network Participant

    Written By: Captain Jerry McAdams On August 25, 2008 at 1900 hours, the Boise Fire Department responded to a grass fire in southeast Boise. The incident progressed to a… Read More