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Topic: Local workforce capacity

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  1. Training Youth, Collaborating with Private Landowners and a Sense of Humor: A Day in the Life with Krys Nystrom

    BY: Krys Nystrom

    How did you start working on FAC? I started working on fire adapted communities (FAC) at the Santa Fe County Fire Department (SFCFD) in 2008. I was hired as a temporary… Read More

  2. Lend a Hand: Models for Increasing Prescribed Fire Operational Capacity

    BY: Allison Jolley

    The more I’ve learned about fire, the more I’ve grown concerned about the lack of prescribed fire in the San Francisco Bay Area (Bay Area), where I live. Most of my go-to… Read More

  3. Scaling Out: Sharing the FAC Net with Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition

    Nick Goulette

    Two weeks ago, nearly 100 western conservation leaders came together in Troutdale, Oregon for Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition’s (RVCC) 13th annual meeting. And we… Read More

  4. Veterans Work on Wildfire Mitigation: Thinning Stands, Burning Acres… Changing Lives

    BY: Rapid City Fire Department

    Written by Lieutenant Tim Weaver, Rapid City Fire Department Let’s face it, when it comes to fire resilience in your community, fresh and innovative methods can be hard to… Read More

  5. Growing Your Local FAC Workforce: New Resource

    Nick Goulette

    Fire adapted communities are built on the concept that everyone in a community — from landowners to residents to government agencies to businesses — has a role to play in… Read More

  6. Summer Program for Teenagers Addresses Wildfire Risk in New Mexico

    BY: Matt Piccarello

    For over 20 years, the Forest Stewards Guild’s Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) program has employed youth ages 16-19 from throughout New Mexico to work on natural resource… Read More

  7. Tips on Providing Prescribed Fire Training to Volunteer Fire Departments

    BY: Piper McDaniel

    Written By: Piper McDaniel, Communications and Partnership Coordinator, WRTC The Watershed Research and Training Center in California recently hosted Trinity County’s… Read More

  8. My Favorite Fall Color is Fire

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    December has brought rain, snow and high winds to northern California, and we’ve all delighted in the intensity of the storms that we’ve so sorely missed the last few… Read More

  9. Burning Together and Learning Together

    FAC Network Participant

    From emergency response to prescribed fire implementation TREX participants learn different ignition techniques… Read More

  10. Prescribed Fire Barriers – Widespread Challenges with Regional Flavors?

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    This coming October, my colleagues and I will be hosting a prescribed fire training exchange here in northwestern California. This will be our third annual event, and we have… Read More