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  1. Fantastic Failure: Facilitation Flops in a Post-Fire World

    BY: Annie Schmidt , Hilary Lundgren

    You know when something is going really, really wrong? Like, you know it is going wrong and even though you know, you find yourself paralyzed and unable to correct the course,… Read More

  2. It’s the Relationships

    BY: Liz Rank, The Nature Conservancy

    It surprises no one reading this that relationships matter. But a recent workshop in Wenatchee, Washington, provided excellent examples of how investments in intangible assets… Read More

  3. FAC: A Common Theme at the Arizona Wildland-Urban Interface Summit

    BY: Anne Mottek

    Fire adapted communities was a common theme during the recent Wildland-Urban Interface – Living with Wildfire in Arizona Summit. FAC principles were embedded in the opening… Read More

  4. 2017 Colorado Wildland Fire Conference: From Awareness to Action

    BY: Schelly Olson

    The first Colorado Wildland Fire Conference (CWFC) occurred in 1997. A small group of local, county and state fire service personnel saw the need to develop a conference that… Read More

  5. Reflections on WUI 2017

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Wildland-Urban Interface:  noun | areas where homes and forests meet | “WUI” Credit: Screenshot from… Read More

  6. Scaling Out: Sharing the FAC Net with Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition

    Nick Goulette

    Two weeks ago, nearly 100 western conservation leaders came together in Troutdale, Oregon for Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition’s (RVCC) 13th annual meeting. And we… Read More

  7. The Pacific Northwest FAC Learning Exchange: Video Release!

    BY: Emily Troisi

    I am very excited to finally release the short video about our Pacific Northwest learning exchange that took place in spring of 2016. If you need more context for the learning… Read More

  8. Thinking on an “Era of Megafires”

    BY: Jay McLaughlin

    Editor’s note: This blog originally appeared on the Mount Adams Resource Stewards’ blog and then on the Washington State Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network’s… Read More

  9. The Network Strategy Continues to Develop: Creating Better Fire Outcomes

    BY: Allison Jolley

    A visual summary of the Liberating Structures processes that shaped our workshop. A complicated process for a… Read More

  10. Too Many Trees: Firescape Mendocino Plans for Bark Beetles

    BY: Guy Duffner, Mary Huffman

    Years of drought in northern California are contributing to forest conditions ripe for bark beetle infestations on a much larger scale than the region has seen in recent… Read More