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  1. Managing Northeastern Pine Barrens for People and Nature

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Workshop attendees discuss how state agencies engaged residents in the town of Whiting, New Jersey, to plan and… Read More

  2. FAC: It’s About Being Proactive and Making Investments

    BY: Mike Caggiano

    Up until now, my view of fire adapted communities has primarily been interface communities with many homes interspersed through wildland vegetation that are at direct risk to… Read More

    Topic: Meetings / Events

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  3. A Different Kind of Note-taking: Using Art to Capture Conversation

    BY: Emily Troisi

    In June I attended the Resilient Communities pre-conference in Boulder, Colorado. While there was great conversation, learning and networking, one thing really stood out to me… Read More

  4. Baker County FAC Effort Welcomes New Partner

    BY: Ronda Sutphen, Florida Forest Service

      Doug Moore, owner of South Prong Plantation. Photo credit: Joel Addington, Baker County… Read More

  5. Steak & Taters In Boise: Hosting Austin Firefighters

    BY: Captain Jerry McAdams, Boise Fire Department

    Last week, the Boise Fire Department had the privilege of hosting eight firefighters from the Austin Fire Department. The Austin firefighters were in Boise as part of a… Read More

  6. Public Information Working Groups Create Wildfire Awareness

    BY: Susie Kocher, University of California Cooperative Extension

    Wildfire is a critical issue in the Lake Tahoe basin, an alpine resort area in the Sierra Nevada of California and Nevada. The area supports around 60,000 full-time and 40,000… Read More

  7. Resources for Planning and Leading Effective Meetings and Collaborative Learning Processes

    BY: Emily Troisi

    Meetings. Workshops. Conferences. We have all been to them; they are a routine part of working together. You know when you have been to a bad meeting, where the meetings… Read More

  8. Baker County Hosts Fire Adapted Communities Seminar

    BY: Doc Bloodworth, Annaleasa Winter

      Baker… Read More

  9. Making Things Happen for Rural America Is What RC&D’s Do

    BY: Frank Riley

    Workers are the most valuable part of any program and they are usually the hardest component to gather up, but if you look under the right rocks in most communities there are… Read More

  10. Fire Science Consortium Hosts Field Tour of Slide Fire

    BY: Meredith Flannery, The Forest Stewards Guild

    On June 13, the Southwest Fire… Read More