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  1. Facilitating Dialogue in Communities: Using the FAC Self-Assessment Tool

    Emily Troisi

    “[This tool] determined the need for increased public outreach and a central contact during incidents. One year later, a new emergency manager independently reached the same conclusion. Synchronicity?” Have you ever wondered if there is a… Read More

  2. Community Magic: Community-Based Asset Mapping Establishes New Connections for Fire Adaptation

    Jana Carp, Jana Carp Consulting

    Jana Carp is a fourth-generation resident of northern California. She taught urban planning and community development at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina from 1999-2012, where she involved students in asset-based community… Read More

  3. Science Tuesday: Rainforest or Fireforest?

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    Picture a quintessential old-growth redwood forest: damp and dark, with prehistoric sword ferns taller than you, huckleberry and rhododendron thickets as far as the eye can see, and the sweet, musty smell of mosses and rotting logs wafting through… Read More

  4. Enhancing Wildfire Adaptation Through Increased Spatial and Situational Awareness

    Jerry McAdams

    The last year has been an exciting time to explore and develop new spatial tools in Ada County, Idaho. We have worked with a wide variety of collaborators, and discovered new programs and technologies that help us make informed decisions and better… Read More

  5. Science Tuesday: Back to Florida!

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    As I write this, I’m flying over the dry deserts of the southwest, en route to Jacksonville for the annual meeting of the FAC Net and the FLN. It’s been almost exactly 5 years since I was last in Florida, and I’m excited to be going back. In… Read More

  6. Download the New FAC Self-Assessment Tool & User Guide

    Molly Mowery

    Over the past few years, the FAC Learning Network has been working behind the scenes to develop a community-based tool to increase fire adaptation. We are excited to announce that this new tool, the Fire Adapted Communities Self-Assessment Tool (FAC… Read More

  7. Southern Oregon Partners Pilot the FAC Self-Assessment Tool

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Southern Oregon has long been a pioneer in fire management: piloting the nation’s first fire plans, leading in development of codes and standards and addressing the needs of vulnerable populations. The Southern Oregon Forest Restoration… Read More