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  1. Learning in Taos, New Mexico, Part 1: A Passionate and Motivated CWPP Core Team

    BY: Eytan Krasilovsky, the Forest Stewards Guild

    We had an unseasonably wet summer in northern New Mexico, which led to a fairly quiet fire season. As a result, the Forest Service was able to manage several naturally ignited… Read More

  2. Safe Growth Audits – Another Effective Tool for the FAC Practitioner

    BY: Molly Mowery

    Many of us are familiar with plans and codes specific to wildfire (e.g., Community Wildfire Protection Plans, wildland-urban interface codes), but there is also a vast array… Read More

    Topic: Planning WUI codes & ordinances Type: Tools / Resources

  3. Local FAC Leaders Convene Second Peer-Learning Session in Albuquerque, NM

    BY: Matt Piccarello, Forest Guild

    A version of this post originally appeared in On March 19, 2015 fire adapted communities (FAC) leaders and partners from northern and central… Read More

  4. Fire on the Mountain: Towns County Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

    BY: Frank Riley Jr.

    March and April are the spring wildfire months here in the north Georgia mountains. The wildfire that we will have one day might not be as spectacular as the massive fires out… Read More

  5. Biophilic Cities – say what?

    FAC Network Participant

    Last month I attended the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute’s 24th annual conference. Although this year’s theme was “Western Places/ Western Spaces – Building Fair… Read More

  6. #MakeAKitMonday: Facilitating Emergency Preparedness

    BY: Annie Schmidt, Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition

    Washington State experienced the worst wildfire season in its history last summer. There have been many byproducts of this season of fire, but one of the most positive has… Read More

  7. Western Klamath Restoration Partnership Hits the Ground Running

    FAC Network Participant

    From the office to the field The Western Klamath Restoration Partnership (WKRP) in Northern California has been meeting for over a year to develop a common vision for the… Read More

  8. “A Future with Fire” Conference Held in Sacramento

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Nearly 200 people gathered in Sacramento earlier this week to talk about Californians’ relationship to fire. The two-day conference focused on increasing the pace and scale of… Read More

  9. Why Did Stakeholders in Austin Develop a CWPP? Belief.

    BY: Justice Jones

    The City of Austin and Travis County recently adopted its first county-wide Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). The development of Community Wildfire Protection Plans… Read More

    Topic: Planning

    Type: Essay

  10. Baker County Hosts Fire Adapted Communities Seminar

    BY: Doc Bloodworth, Annaleasa Winter

      Baker… Read More