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  1. Nominate a Ready, Set, Go! Fire Department Today

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Do you know a Ready, Set, Go! member who deserves recognition for their mitigation efforts? It’s not too late to nominate your favorite fire department for a Ready, Set, Go!… Read More

  2. Institutions are Key Elements of Fire Adapted Communities

    BY: Jesse Abrams, Ecosystem Workforce Program, Institute for a Sustainable Environment

    The actions that people take, individually or collectively, to change how they interact with fire-prone landscapes are the fundamental building blocks of fire adapted… Read More

  3. Washington FAC Network Press Release

    BY: Ryan Anderson, WA FAC Learning Network

    The Washington FAC Learning Network is taking the national FAC Learning Network model to the state scale. Read the full press release below: “FOR IMMEDIATE… Read More

  4. Making an Impact Through Hands-On Learning

    BY: Ashley Lara, Jackson County Fire District 3

    Okay, let’s get real. In today’s society, how am I supposed to gain any amount attention from children on the topic of wildfire? Where is the time–when you already have a… Read More

  5. How Has Your Understanding of FAC Evolved?

    FAC Network Participant

    Do you find it easy to talk about Fire Adapted Communities to a public audience? A few of us were recently put to the test during a one-hour local television recording in… Read More

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