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Topic: Watershed protection / management

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  1. Tahoe Basin Residents Celebrate 20 Years of Restoring Their Environment

    BY: Forest Schafer

    On August 31 of this year more than 7,000 people came together to reflect on 20 years of progress and challenges of environmental improvement in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The 20th… Read More

  2. Science Tuesday: Why Mesophication Matters

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    No matter where I am, I always find myself subconsciously looking for two things: fire and oaks. I start looking for clues, trying to uncover the stories and processes that I… Read More

  3. FAC Net Regional Learning Exchange: Southern Oregon

    BY: Alison Lerch, Ashley Lara

    In June of 2015, around 80 natural resources and fire adapted communities practitioners congregated for the Fire Learning Network and Fire Adapted Communities Learning… Read More

  4. Becoming DWaRF

    BY: Rebecca Samulski

    The phrase “timing is everything” couldn’t be more true than when talking about the start-up of the our collaborative focused on the Dolores Watershed in Southwest… Read More

  5. Reducing Wildfire Risk in Santa Fe Through Collaborative Burning: The Aztec Springs Pile Burning Project

    BY: Matt Piccarello

    Fire and forest managers, regardless of jurisdiction, organization or location, have a shared responsibility to implement safe and successful prescribed burns. With this in… Read More

  6. All Aboard the Christmas Tree Train!

    FAC Network Participant

    They came from near and far – Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico and California – to enjoy a ride on the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train through… Read More

  7. Stewardship Contracting Helps Communities and Public Land Managers Treat the WUI

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Today Congress passed the long-awaited 2014 Farm Bill. Among the host of agriculture and nutrition programs included in the bill is the permanent reauthorization of… Read More