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Topic: Wildfire recovery

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  1. Insurance and Wildfire: An Interview with Carole Walker, Part 1

    BY: Carole Walker

     Carole Walker is the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association (RMIIA), a non-profit trade association representing auto, home and business… Read More

  2. When Fire Comes Close

    BY: Hilary Lundgren

    Editor’s Note: A version of this post originally appeared in The Nature Conservancy in Washington’s blog. Hilary Lundgren is the Director of the Chumstick Wildfire… Read More

  3. Science Tuesday: This Year’s Research Topics from the Joint Fire Science Program

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    Earlier this month, the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) released an “early alert” with potential research topics for their upcoming funding opportunity notice (FON),… Read More

  4. Burn Scars

    BY: Justice Jones

    The Commons Ford Prairie parallels the majestic Colorado River–yes the real one is in Texas. Tall pecans and cypress line the banks of the river, and hikers enjoy the cool… Read More

  5. Study Examines New Type of Wildfire Health Impact

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Forest Service thinning projects near Alpine helped decrease the severity of burning in the 2011 Wallow Fire. Credit: Sarah McCaffrey A new journal article by David… Read More

  6. West Fork Fire Tour

    BY: Bill Trimarco

    The summer of 2013 was a memorable time in southwest Colorado. In early June, a lightning strike in the San Juan National Forest began a series of fires that crossed the… Read More

  7. New Post-Disaster Recovery Resources Available

    BY: Molly Mowery

    It’s rare that I come across a website that offers well-researched, applicable and timely information on the topic of post-disaster recovery. The American Planning… Read More

  8. After the Fire Toolkit in Action

    BY: Annie Schmidt, Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition

    The After the Fire Toolkit (ATF) made its debut during the Mills Canyon Fire, outside of the town of Entiat, Washington. Designed to help communities get the word out about… Read More