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  1. What TREX has Meant to One Fire Adapted Culture

    BY: Margo Robbins

    Margo Robbins is a member of the Cultural Fire Management Council of the Yurok Tribe in northern California. This article first appeared on the Prescribed Fire Training… Read More

  2. It’s Time for FAC Practitioners to Get Involved in Policy Education

    BY: Jonathan Bruno

    Recently the Coalition for the Upper South Platte had the opportunity to help lead the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition’s (RVCC) Fire Adapted Communities working… Read More

  3. Women in Fire: Announcing October’s WTREX

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    I’ll be honest: this month’s fire science blog is not very scientific. It’s half training announcement, half social commentary. But it has an essence of science to… Read More

  4. Cooperative Thinning, Burning and Training Help Create A Better Wildfire Outcome

    BY: Mike Caggiano

    I was concerned when I first heard a fire started on Moon Mountain. Moon Mountain is a large hill in the middle of Ruidoso, a small tourist town in the Sky Island region of… Read More

    Topic: Wildfire

    Type: Essay

  5. Burn Scars

    BY: Justice Jones

    The Commons Ford Prairie parallels the majestic Colorado River–yes the real one is in Texas. Tall pecans and cypress line the banks of the river, and hikers enjoy the cool… Read More

  6. Snapshots of FAC-Building in Baker County, Florida

    BY: Doc Bloodworth, Florida Forest Service

    The dozen or so organizations that make up the Baker County FAC Collaborative have been working together for 11 years. This post summarizes some highlights from the past two… Read More

  7. A Trusted Translator: The Role of the Community Liaison in Creating Better Wildfire Outcomes

    BY: Karuna Greenberg

    If you’ve lived in the rural West for very long, chances are you’ve been affected by at least one major wildfire. Nearly every year a large number of communities are… Read More

  8. My Favorite Fall Color is Fire

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    December has brought rain, snow and high winds to northern California, and we’ve all delighted in the intensity of the storms that we’ve so sorely missed the last few… Read More

  9. A Month in the Working Life of One Fire Adapted Communities Practitioner

    BY: Rebecca Samulski

    Earlier this summer, an Ambassador arranged for the Mancos Volunteer Fire & Rescue to conduct a training… Read More

  10. Appalachian RC&D Coalition

    BY: Frank Riley Jr.

    The Chestatee/Chattahoochee Resource Conservation and Development Council (CCRC&D) is a non-profit organization located in northeast Georgia that covers the 13 counties… Read More