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  1. Re-Visiting Community Wildfire Protection Plans

    BY: Annie Schmidt

    In 2003, Congress passed the Healthy Forest Restoration Act (HFRA) and Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) were born.  HFRA requires CWPPs to be collaborative,… Read More

  2. A Practice in Purpose: Using Nature Journaling Practices to Help Create Fire Adapted Communities

    BY: Miriam Morrill

    What if I told you there was a practice, a process you could do that would not only benefit your cognition and observation skills but also help to visually represent your… Read More

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    Type: Tools / Resources

  3. Helping Our Senior Community Prepare

    BY: Emily Troisi, Hannah Hepner, Abby Silver, Cynthia Latham

    This fall, I was working in my local Emergency Operations Center to support response to fires we had in my county in Colorado. My ears perked up when I heard things like,… Read More

  4. Understanding Federal Post-Fire Resources

    BY: Brett Holt

    Editors’ Note: Brett Holt is a Senior Stakeholder Relations Specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 10 Office of External Affairs based in… Read More

  5. People. Fire. Place.

    BY: Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Editor’s Note: This blog features a range of content related to fire resilience. Among our posts are curated resource lists (round ups) focused on various themes. This post… Read More

  6. Post-Fire Recovery Resource Round Up

    BY: Annie Schmidt

    Editor’s Note:  This is the second blog in a three-part series focused on wildfire recovery. If you missed Part One, all about the release of a new Wildfire Recovery… Read More

  7. New Resource: FAC Net’s Post-Fire Graphic & Facilitators Guide

    BY: Annie Schmidt

    Editors’ Note: This fire season has brought with it another year of record-breaking fires and too many losses. Many communities across the west are grappling with how to… Read More

  8. Tracking Progress: Online Interactive Project & Neighborhood Maps

    BY: Alex Graf , Nate Casebeer, Carlie Murphy

    Online interactive maps are an extremely helpful tool in community outreach. Whether it’s keeping residents and visitors informed of prescribed fires and other mitigation… Read More

  9. FAC Net’s First Book Club: Tools for Anxiety for Fire Adaptation Practitioners

    BY: Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Author’s note: I am extremely grateful to Dr. Sarah Ray, and to all of the book club participants, for sharing their time, attention and insights. The opportunity to learn… Read More

  10. “School’s Out, Now What?” Activity Guides, Wildfire Education, & Go Bag Activities for the Whole Family

    BY: Jessica Sabine Brothers

    “School’s out, now what?” seems to be a common question for many parents these days as summer is in full-swing and physical distancing practices continue across the… Read More