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  1. Introducing The New Home of FAC Net!

    BY: Emily Troisi

    After a few long months of brain storming, creative sessions and hard work with our contractor, we are extremely excited to announce the new FAC Net website! New… Read More

  2. Great Resource Gets a Refresh

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Learning networks are dynamic entities, and it’s nearly impossible to track all the progress, growing partnerships, new approaches and occasional setbacks that take place… Read More

  3. Sign up for our New FAC Net Newsletter Today!

    BY: Leigh Greenwood

    The FAC Learning Network is launching an email newsletter and we would like you all to sign up right now! The newsletter will feature our best resources, selected blogs from… Read More

  4. Nominate a Ready, Set, Go! Fire Department Today

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Do you know a Ready, Set, Go! member who deserves recognition for their mitigation efforts? It’s not too late to nominate your favorite fire department for a Ready, Set, Go!… Read More

  5. Wildfire Mitigation and Assistance through USDA-NRCS

    BY: Bill Brash, New Jersey Fire Safety Council

    The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a USDA agency that works with private landowners and others to provide technical and financial assistance for conservation… Read More

  6. New Quick Guides! Using Plans and Regulations to Increase Community Fire Adaptation

    FAC Network Participant

    FAC Net is happy to release its latest set of quick guides focused on using plans and regulations to increase community fire adaptation. This four-part series highlights… Read More

  7. Institutions are Key Elements of Fire Adapted Communities

    BY: Jesse Abrams, Ecosystem Workforce Program, Institute for a Sustainable Environment

    The actions that people take, individually or collectively, to change how they interact with fire-prone landscapes are the fundamental building blocks of fire adapted… Read More

  8. Working with Communities to Reduce Wildfire Risk Through Planning

    FAC Network Participant

    Many of us are likely to be familiar with the “fire adapted communities sunrise graphic.” This illustration was first provided by the USDA Forest Service to illustrate the… Read More

  9. National Forest Foundation Resources for FAC Practitioners

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    The USDA Forest Service… Read More

  10. New Guidance for Federal Grantees/Subawardees

    BY: Katie Van Pelt, The Watershed Center

    Since the U.S. Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards has come out, many organizations are asking “what does that mean for me?” Below is a… Read More

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