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  1. "It is all too easy to fall into the trap of focusing on what we lack. Sometimes this acts as reasoning for why we aren’t making progress. Or, it can lead us to work feverishly to compete for 'our piece of the finite pie.' Here’s what scarcity thinking doesn’t do: allow for creativity, incentivize giving, encourage experimentation, or let us feel satisfied, fulfilled and whole." Credit: Modification of photo by Stephanie shared via Flickr Creative Commons

    Topic: Learning networks Type: Essay

    How Practicing “Enough” and Looking Ahead Can Support Social Innovation

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    The Sunday after Thanksgiving I started having procrastination-anxiety. I recognized it immediately. My interest in vacuuming and folding the laundry was the giveaway. There’s never a better time for me to get housework done than when I’m putting… Read More

  2. "Preservation of our public lands without scientific management is reducing the prevalence of many of the species that I enjoyed as a kid. That means more threatened and endangered species. I don’t want my children to ever ask me, 'Dad, have you ever seen a golden-winged warbler?' " Photo credit: Caleb Putnam shared via Flickr Creative Commons

    Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Fuels treatment economics Type: Essay

    Managing New Jersey’s Forests for Resiliency: Let’s Come Together

    New Jersey Fire Safety Council

    As a young boy, I hiked, hunted and trapped. It was common to hear quail and grouse in young forests as sparrowhawks flew overhead. Today, these birds are rare in New Jersey’s forests and have been replaced by species like pileated woodpeckers,… Read More

  3. "It’s common knowledge that morels do well after fire, but what about these more mesic species — our beloved chanterelles, matsutakes and boletes?" Photo credit: Leah Grunzke shared via Flickr Creative Commons

    Topic: Wildfire Type: Research Synthesis

    Science Tuesday: Fire Fungus

    Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    All of my friends know that I’m a bit of a holiday scrooge. Holidays involve all kinds of societal traditions that put me on edge, like setting off explosives, dressing up in costumes, and obligatory gift giving. But Thanksgiving is a different… Read More

  4. The Forest Stewards Guild's southwest director, Eytan Krasilovsky, discusses the partnerships he's advanced, the projects he's passionate about, and what keeps him going. Photo credits: Forest Stewards Guild

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Watershed protection / management Type: Interview

    The Power of the Partnership: A Day in the Life with Eytan Krasilovsky

    Forest Stewards Guild

    Where does your job take you? Just yesterday, I helped lead a field tour in the Zuni Mountains landscape, where I have been working in partnership with the Cibola National Forest and others for 12 years. In that landscape, the Forest Stewards… Read More

  5. "Most landowners want what we want; they just need to be presented with the right opportunity." Credit: Tim Weaver, Rapid City Fire Department

    Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Give and Take: Building Friendships to Create Access for Fuels Reduction Projects

    Rapid City Fire Department

    Last August, I was walking a section of overgrown, city-owned property that’s landlocked by a quilt of private parcels. I was there at the request of a private landowner who was concerned about the dense fuel buildup next to his property. I had… Read More

  6. Six resources focused on post-wildfire community recovery. Photo: Northern California wildfires as of October 9, 2017. Credit: NASA

    Topic: Wildfire recovery Type: Tools / Resources

    6 Resources to Help Communities Recover After Wildfire

    Annie Schmidt Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

    As a practitioner, sometimes one of our most difficult tasks is sifting through available resources for communities. There is a lot of information available in this world! The process of sifting and sorting is particularly important when helping… Read More

  7. The Southwest City Fire Departments' Interstate Fire Crew

    Topic: Wildfire Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Planning Pays Big Dividends: 4 Successes from the 2017 Wildfire Season

    Allison Jolley

    Need some inspiration? Here are four examples of how planning ahead, whether that involved fuels treatment, team building or outreach, generated success during the 2017 wildfire season. Collaborative Restoration Works, but Integrating Communities Is… Read More

  8. Pam Wilson is the soon-to-be-retired executive director of FireWise of Southwest Colorado. In this interview, she talks about the impressive networks she's helped form and what they're accomplishing! Credit: Pam Wilson

    Topic: Defensible space / Firewise Type: Interview

    Building Networks Regionally and Statewide: A Day in the Life with Pam Wilson

    Pam Wilson FireWise of Southwest Colorado

    What did you do before working on community wildfire resilience? During my first career, I worked for the USDA Forest Service. My last job with them was on the San Juan National Forest as a public affairs specialist for their Fire and Fuels… Read More

  9. Learn how four interpretive signs, a hashtag and a podcast changed the conversation surrounding prescribed fire in the Appalachians. Credit: Jenifer Bunty, Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists

    Topic: Communications / Outreach Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Communicating Amidst Controversy: The Fire Learning Trail [An Interview with Jenifer Bunty]

    Jenifer Bunty, Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists

    View an enlarged version of the feature image above. Think back a few y­­ears, and tell us about the conversation around prescribed fire in your region. In 2011, the Pisgah National Forest proposed a series of controlled burns in Linville… Read More

  10. "The pressure was on to pull this off. Thoughts of national news headlines reading, 'Training fire escapes, burns down houses; search continues for man responsible' kept me up at night." Photo credit: John F Marshall

    Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

    Trial by Fire: Prescribed Fire Training in the Wildland-Urban Interface

    Chelan County Fire District 1

    What became the “Westridge Training Fire” began as two concerned neighbors asking for support in fuels reduction. The Westridge neighborhood is situated atop a ridge densely populated with sage and non-native grasses, and it faces prevailing… Read More

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