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  1. Jeremy Bailey playing games with family and friends this past Christmas. Photo provided by Jeremy Bailey.

    Learning the Rules of the Game: Understanding Jeremy Bailey and the origins of TREX

    By: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    I don’t like games. Everyone knows this about me: there’s only one thing that will get me to go bed early, and that’s a board game. I’ve been this way forever, and… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Planning Resilience

    Type: Impact Story

  2. Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke visits Eagle Creek ICP and recognized FS personnel who helped with hiker evacuations the night of September 2, 2017

    The Panic Myth: What Does the Research Say and What Can Practitioners Do?

    By: Sarah McCaffrey, Annie Schmidt

    The Panic Myth, Part I – What Does the Research Say? by Sarah McCaffrey As I’ve been watching the fires in Australia over the past several months I’ve been impressed… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Communications / Outreach Evacuation outreach/planning Preparedness

    Type: Research Synthesis Tools / Resources

  3. Business Resilience: Fire Adaption on Main Street USA

    Business Resilience Round-Up: Fire Adaptation on Main Street, USA

    By: Annie Schmidt

    Editor’s Note: Community efforts to increase wildfire resilience often focus on homeowner action. But what about our business community?  The economic engines of our towns… Read More

    Topic: Business resilience

    Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned Tools / Resources

  4. Understanding Complexity and Risk in the Wildland Fire Environment: An Interview with Travis Dotson

    By: Annie Schmidt, Travis Dotson

    Editor’s Note: FAC Net’s Annie Schmidt had the privilege of getting to know Travis Dotson of the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center when she worked on the Spring Coulee… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Communications / Outreach Equity/Inclusion Wildfire

    Type: Interview Success Story / Lessons Learned

  5. block print of Pacific lamprey, by Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    No More Prescribed Fire Barriers: Lessons from Lamprey

    By: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    On a typical summer weekend in the late 1990s, you might have found me amid other teenagers, all lounging in the sun a few miles up the road from my house at one of our… Read More

    Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Monitoring / Assessment

    Type: Essay

  6. Text and Photo courtesy of Washington DNR.

    Connecting Practice to Policy: An Interview with Annie Schmidt

    By: Annie Schmidt

    Editor’s Note: Annie Schmidt is one of FAC Net’s newest staff members, returning to the FAC family after two years of planning and policy work in her home state of… Read More

    Topic: Communications / Outreach Monitoring / Assessment Planning Preparedness

    Type: Interview

  7. Banded Peak Rx Fire, Photo courtesy of Forest Stewards Guild

    The Forest Stewards Guild’s HEPA Filter Loan Program

    By: Sam Berry, Forest Stewards Guild

    In 2018, the Forest Stewards Guild began our high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter loan program in Santa Fe. The short-term intent of the program was to support people… Read More

    Topic: Communications / Outreach Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Preparedness Resilience

    Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

  8. Background Photo Credit: Bill Trimarco

    I’ve Got Them Non-Profit Funding Blues: Lessons Learned in Funding Wildfire Resilience in Archuleta County, CO

    By: Bill Trimarco

    “I’ve Got Them Non-Profit Funding Blues” Sadly, that is not the title of my new hit single, but rather a state of mind many of us struggle with on a day-to-day basis.… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration

    Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

  9. Photo credit: Amanda Newell, Cascadia Conservation District

    Youth Education and Outreach: Resources and Examples from Across the Network

    By: Emily Troisi

    Editor’s Note: There are a number of ways to engage with youth of any age about wildfire. From helping teachers with lessons in a classroom to going out in the field together,… Read More

    Topic: Communications / Outreach

    Type: Tools / Resources

  10. Setting Goals for 2020. Photo credit: Emily Troisi

    Setting Goals for 2020: A Month-by-Month Approach

    By: Michelle Medley-Daniel

    When your focus is helping your community live better with fire, your work is never done. Get more accomplished in 2020 by setting achievable goals and working with your… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Defensible space / Firewise Local workforce capacity Preparedness

    Type: Best Practices

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