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  1. An emergency management coordinator describes the opportunity for collaboration and partnerships between emergency management and wildfire resilience practitioners. Credit: Boulder County Emergency Operations Center

    A Day in the Life with Andrew Notbohm: How Emergency Management and FAC Go Hand in Hand

    By: Emily Troisi, Andrew Notbohm

    Interviewer’s note: During my five years working with FAC Net, I’ve discovered a passion for understanding how communities prepare for, respond to and recover from natural… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Resilience Wildfire Wildfire recovery

    Type: Interview

  2. Photo of headphones with the following text imposed: FEMA Region 10 Podcast Featuring FAC Net

    Seeking Fire Adaptation and Community Resilience Peers? Join FAC Net!

    By: Michelle Medley-Daniel, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

    Our partners at FEMA Region 10 recently produced a podcast focused on the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC Net). If you’ve been wondering about FAC Net’s… Read More

    Topic: CWPPs Defensible space / Firewise Evacuation outreach/planning Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Wildfire

    Type: Tools / Resources

  3. Instead of trying to get your communities to "accept" smoke, equip them with resources to prepare for it. Credit: Mike Elson, Coconino National Forest shared Flickr Creative Commons

    Smoke Adaptation is Fire Adaptation

    By: Allison Jolley

    “It’s not as simple as, ‘How do you want your smoke?’ We could conduct thousands of acres of prescribed fire in our county and still be breathing smoke from another… Read More

    Topic: Communications / Outreach Resilience Wildfire

    Type: Tools / Resources

  4. A personal account of a beloved great grandmother's evacuation during the Camp Fire. Credit: Sharon Hahn Darlin shared via Flickr Creative Commons

    Leaving Paradise

    By: Chief Michael D’Orazi, Ashland Fire & Rescue

    Last October, I was visiting my mother, brother (Rick), and sister-in-law (Joanne), in Paradise, California. My mother, at the age of 98, had transitioned out of her home and… Read More

    Topic: Evacuation outreach/planning Wildfire

    Type: Essay

  5. A breakdown of recent federal directives and policy related to the Cohesive Strategy. Photo: These fuel breaks successfully protected homes during the Badger Creek Fire (Wyoming). Credit: USDA Forest Service

    Two National Directives and One Piece of Public Policy Worth Understanding: The 2018 Farm Bill, Executive Order 13855 and DOI Secretarial Order 3372

    By: Katie Lighthall, National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy, Western Region

    Editor’s note: If you haven’t spent much time with the new Farm Bill, Executive Order 13855 and Secretarial Order 3372, take a moment to read these summaries produced by… Read More

    Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Wildfire

    Type: Tools / Resources

  6. Interested in controlled burning across ownership boundaries? Check out this new case study on Trinity County's pathway toward more all-lands, all-hands prescribed fire. Photo credit: Jim Bartlett, Team Rubicon for USDA Forest Service

    How We’re Burning Across Boundaries: Trinity Integrated Fire Management Partnership Case Study

    By: Nick Goulette, Watershed Research and Training Center

    Here in Trinity County, California, we were early adopters of the FAC ethos. We created our first community wildfire protection plan before the CWPP acronym was even invented.… Read More

    Topic: Collaboration Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire

    Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

  7. "As much as I love a successful controlled burn, the trust built with landowners can feel like the biggest victory of all. " Credit: Matt Cocking

    4 Tips for Conducting Controlled Burns on Private Property from a Burn Boss

    By: Phil Dye, Prometheus Fire Consulting LLC

    We stood shoulder to shoulder, watching the fire creep down the hill. The flame was continuous but low, no more than 8-inches tall. It was now burning, restoring, a strip of… Read More

    Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire

    Type: Best Practices

  8. Tucked away in northwestern California, the community of Orleans experienced significant loss due to a wildfire in 2013. Since then, we've been using spatial fire planning to chart a better path toward wildfire resilience, including leveraging the wildfire footprint to create additional fuel breaks around our community. Photo credit: Thomas Dunklin

    Show Your Partners You’re Listening. Literally! How We’re Using Values-Based Spatial Planning to Visualize and Prioritize Collaborative Forest Restoration

    By: Will Harling, Jill Beckmann

    The first meetings of the Western Klamath Restoration Partnership (WKRP) felt like going on a blind date … with 60 people! As our facilitator, Mary Huffman, divided us at… Read More

    Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Planning

    Type: Success Story / Lessons Learned

  9. Whether you’re talking about wildfire or prescribed fire, your words matter. Check out these resources and tips before your next outreach effort. In this photo, Yosemite National Park's chief of fire and aviation, Kelly Martin, is explaining the ecological and community safety benefits of prescribed fire. Notice the homes along the right side of the photo. Credit: Yosemite National Park

    Nine Tips for Talking about Fire and FAC

    By: Allison Jolley

    1. Speak with more than words.  The Washington State Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network has developed some amazing visual aids regarding fire adapted communities… Read More

    Topic: Communications / Outreach Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Wildfire

    Type: Tools / Resources

  10. "As I reflect on this year’s WTREX, it’s not the hard numbers that jump out at me. Rather, it’s the ethereal components of the event that now linger: the energy, the comradery, the odd sense that we probably would have all stayed there a lot longer if that were a reasonable option." Credit: Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

    Indulging in Fire: Reflections from the Women-in-Fire Training Exchange

    By: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    A few years ago, I asked my closest friends to describe my biggest character flaws. I had my own ideas about what they were, but I wanted to hear from the people who knew me… Read More

    Topic: Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire Local workforce capacity

    Type: Meeting / Event

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