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  1. New Guidance for Federal Grantees/Subawardees

    BY: Katie Van Pelt, The Watershed Center

    Since the U.S. Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards has come out, many organizations are asking “what does that mean for me?” Below is a… Read More

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  2. 2016 Wildfire Mitigation Awards

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Read the criteria and guidelines for the 2016 Wildfire Mitigation Awards. Photo credit:… Read More

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  3. Wildfire Season is Underway: The Best Time to Take Action is NOW

    BY: Emily Troisi

    If you have turned on your TV or computer in the last month, you are probably aware that wildfire season is upon us, and it has already been pretty devastating in parts of the… Read More

  4. Funding for Watershed Resiliency in Ashland

    BY: Emily Troisi

    Steve Parks, fire adapted communities coordinator for the City of Ashland / Ashland Fire & Rescue, shared a press release with FAC Net members about the Ashland City… Read More

  5. Washington FAC Network Press Release

    BY: Ryan Anderson, WA FAC Learning Network

    The Washington FAC Learning Network is taking the national FAC Learning Network model to the state scale. Read the full press release below: “FOR IMMEDIATE… Read More

  6. Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Project Awards

    BY: Emily Troisi

    The second annual National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day will take place on May 2, 2015. Many organizations choose to do activities to promote awareness within their… Read More

  7. Network Members Recognized for Outstanding Work

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Last week four of our Fire Adapted Communities Coalition partners announced the 2015 Wildfire Mitigation Award Winners. The National Association of State Foresters, the… Read More

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  8. Southern Oregon Partners Pilot the FAC Self-Assessment Tool

    Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Southern Oregon has long been a pioneer in fire management: piloting the nation’s first fire plans, leading in development of codes and standards and addressing the needs of… Read More

  9. Eastern Washington Report Represents a Big Step Forward for Forest Health, FAC

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Hundreds of homes burned in Washington in 2014. The 256,108-acre Carlton Complex fire was the largest recorded in state history. So it’s timely that the “Eastern… Read More

  10. Principles of Network Thinking

    FAC Network Participant

    If you are a FAC hub, local coordinating partner, or other agency involved in the FAC Learning Network, chances are that someone has asked you what the FAC Network is all… Read More

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