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  1. Let’s Put the Cart *After* the Horse: California’s Forest and Fire Capacities Needs Assessment

    BY: Allison Jolley , Emily Jane Davis , Nick Goulette

    Author’s note: I hope that this blog finds you and your loved ones safe and relatively well. I originally wrote this post before both the COVID-19 pandemic and the uprising… Read More

  2. The Panic Myth: What Does the Research Say and What Can Practitioners Do?

    BY: Sarah McCaffrey , Annie Schmidt

    The Panic Myth, Part I – What Does the Research Say? by Sarah McCaffrey As I’ve been watching the fires in Australia over the past several months I’ve been impressed… Read More

  3. What We’re Reading: Our Favorite Fire-Related Newsletters and Blogs 

    BY: Emily Troisi , Michelle Medley-Daniel

    Working to reduce incoming email? We respect that. A person could spend all day in an endless volley of emails. But among the conversations with co-workers that would have… Read More

  4. FAC Net is Changing Fire Adaptation Work: Highlights from our Evaluation

    BY: Michelle Medley-Daniel , Emily Troisi

    Editor’s note: This blog is focused on sharing stories and information about living with fire. Occasionally, we also publish content related to social-change networks:… Read More

  5. Study Examines New Type of Wildfire Health Impact

    BY: Wendy Fulks

    Forest Service thinning projects near Alpine helped decrease the severity of burning in the 2011 Wallow Fire. Credit: Sarah McCaffrey A new journal article by David… Read More

  6. Prescribed Fire Barriers – Widespread Challenges with Regional Flavors?

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    This coming October, my colleagues and I will be hosting a prescribed fire training exchange here in northwestern California. This will be our third annual event, and we have… Read More

  7. Photos Capture the Faces of the Fork Complex Wildfires

    BY: Emily Troisi

    Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network coordinating team member Michelle Medley-Daniel recently wrote a wonderful post for our blog about the realities of living in… Read More

  8. Don’t Forget to Listen

    BY: Sarah McCaffrey

    FAC Net: You’ve been in the fire community for 18 years now, ever since you began your 1998 dissertation research on the beliefs and mitigation efforts of homeowners in… Read More

  9. Resilience Thinking – Resources for Understanding Change

    BY: Tom James

    Resilience is here to stay. Considered by some as a promising extension of ‘sustainability’ and criticized by others as just another buzz word, resilience has gained… Read More

  10. Using the Fire Science Exchange Network

    BY: Lenya Quinn-Davidson

    Fire is a rapidly evolving field, subject to increasingly volatile natural and social processes. Science is thus at the heart of the issue, helping us understand and manage… Read More

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