Collaborative Resilience Assessments Profiled by FAC Learning Network Partners

By: Bruce Goldstein, University of Colorado, Boulder

Topic: Resilience

Type: Meeting / Event

This June, FAC Learning Network research partner Bruce Goldstein organized a panel on collaborative resilience assessment at the 2015 Conference for Communication and the Environment, held at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The panel included four presentations:

  • Molly Mowery presented on the design and use of the Fire Adapted Communities Self-Assessment Tool, describing what models the tool was patterned on and insights from its implementation so far, including how it fosters stakeholder engagement.
  • Tom James (a UK-based researcher who attended the FAC Net annual meeting in Santa Fe) presented on his experience leading a resilience assessment for an agricultural cooperative near his hometown of Bristol.
  • Bruce provided early results from a survey of participatory resilience assessment initiatives worldwide that he is conducting with Tom, exploring who is conducting resilience assessments, what they are assessing and how, and what kinds of measures are particularly useful.
  • Allyson Quinlan, senior research fellow with the Resilience Alliance and organizer of the Resilience Alliance‚Äôs resilience practitioners initiative, presented on a resilience assessment of a herring fishery she is conducting in partnership with the Heiltsuk First Nations people in British Columbia.

Presentations were followed by a lively discussion about how resilience assessors can engage the people within the social-ecological system under examination in ways that not only result in better understanding, but also motivate effective action.

We invite you to check out a video of the session here.

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