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The member directory consists of network staff and core and affiliate members. Connect with your peers by searching the member directory, or find people working on fire adaptation in your region using our searchable map.

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  1. Alison Green

    Alison Green has been engaged in the FAC Net since 2014 and is based in Central Oregon. She is a... Read More

  2. Amanda Brenner-Cannon

    I recently left my position as a coordinator for the Neighborhood Ambassador Program for... Read More

  3. Central Cascades Fire & EMS

    Central Cascades Fire & EMS protects a small rural remote resort community in the central Oregon... Read More

  4. Chris Chambers

    Chris Chambers is the Forest Division Chief in Ashland, Oregon. Read More

  5. Christina Friehauf

    As the Outreach Coordinator for the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project, I provide primary... Read More

  6. Craig Bienz

    As a forest project manager with The Nature Conservancy, I plan, design, and implement landscape... Read More

  7. Darren Borgias

    Trained as a vegetation ecologist, professionally geared up in conservation planning, design and... Read More

  8. Ed Keith

    Ed Keith is the County Forester for Deschutes County, Oregon. As the County Forester he assists... Read More

  9. Emily Jane Davis

    I'm an applied social scientist and extension specialist focused on natural resource... Read More

  10. Jackson County Fire District 3

    White City, OR

    We are committed to serving the 54,000 residents who live in the communities of White City,... Read More

  11. Jan Barbas

    I am a Commissioner of the Port of Brookings Harbor and a candidate for Curry County... Read More

  12. Jessica Sabine Brothers

    Jessica is the Blog Manager and Editor for the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network and the... Read More

  13. Katie Gibble

    Ashland, OR

    I work with citizens, State, Federal, and local stakeholders to implement wildfire mitigation... Read More

  14. Lake Chinook Fire & Rescue


    Lake Chinook Fire & Rescue is located in Culver, on Lake Billy Chinook and in the high desert of... Read More

  15. Project Wildfire

    Bend, OR

    Created by a Deschutes County Ordinance, Project Wildfire is the community organization that... Read More

  16. Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative

    Ashland, OR

    The Collaborative first met in 2005 to increase public and agency support for forest restoration... Read More

  17. Syndy Zerr

    Syndy is the founder/owner of Wildfire Mitigation Network (WMN), a consulting firm designed to... Read More

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