A screenshot of the article heading in BloomgbergBusiness.

Topic: Communications / Outreach Evacuation outreach/planning Type: Tools / Resources

Evacuation Drill Serves as “Hook” for FAC Outreach

Authors: Michelle Medley-Daniel

Effective storytelling can motivate and engage your audience in ways that facts and figures can’t. Earlier this year, Michelle Medley-Daniel provided tips for telling stories with photographs, and Emily Troisi shared resources for creating organizational narratives and reaching new audiences.

On May 30, to kick off Lake Tahoe Wildfire Awareness Month, the FAC Net member organization hosted a large-scale evacuation drill, which was written about in Bloomberg Business. The author of the article writes about the evacuation drill, and weaves in a compelling introduction and interesting characters to tell a story about the wildfire problem in the West. Check out the story here!

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