Forest Schafer's presentation to the CWPP Community of Practice emphasized the importance of including actions that a variety of stakeholders can implement.

FAC Net Members Discuss Innovative CWPPs

By: Wendy Fulks

Topic: CWPPs Planning Preparedness

Type: Tools / Resources

Last week our CWPP Community of Practice held a members-only webinar that highlighted innovative community wildfire protection planning efforts in four different areas, including:

  • Travis County, Texas;
  • Bend, Oregon;
  • Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada; and
  • Ashland, Oregon.

Network members from each of these places discussed their planning efforts, including community engagement, plan organization, outreach and how CWPPs have evolved since the Healthy Forests Restoration Act was passed in 2003. In addition, the group discussed new CWPP guidance that was recently developed for New Mexico.

CWPP innovations mentioned during the discussion included:

  • Organizing your plan around the three tenets of the National Cohesive Wildfire Management Strategy (fire adapted communities, resilient landscapes and safe and effective wildfire response);
  • Planning for vulnerable populations;
  • Including post-fire recovery information in plans;
  • Stressing the importance of business resiliency planning;
  • Giving equal weight to taking action on government-owned and private lands;
  • Ensuring flexibility in future decisions about fuel reduction project prioritization;
  • Using straightforward language and visually appealing design to help ensure the plans are widely read; and
  • Using the FAC Self-Assessment Tool to create action plans that include actions that all segments of society can work on.

FAC Net member contacts for the CWPPs listed above

Visit the FAC Net YouTube channel to view recordings of the webinar presentations. For more information about the CWPP Community of Practice, email Please use the comments section below to ask questions and tell us about your CWPP innovations!

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