Guide to Fire Adapted Communities

By: Michelle Medley-Daniel

Topic: Collaboration Communications / Outreach

Type: Tools / Resources

guide coverThe Fire Adapted Communities Coalition recently released a Guide to Fire Adapted Communities. The six chapter guide covers everything from “What is a Fire Adapted Community” to “Collaboration and Outreach” and “Planning and Regulatory Considerations.”

In addition to foundational concepts and resources, the Guide offers snapshot case studies that illustrate the principles outlined. Intended to “help leaders, planners, emergency professionals, and citizens learn the best approaches and programs to help their community become more fire adapted,” the Guide is a clear and handy resource to share with partners.

The Guide features several helpful graphics that demonstrate the roles of all community members in becoming more fire adapted. Different contexts shape the way communities engage in FAC, and the Guide does a good job of providing information that is relevant across the board. Give it a read!

Visit to download your copy today!

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