How Has Your Understanding of FAC Evolved?

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Do you find it easy to talk about Fire Adapted Communities to a public audience? A few of us were recently put to the test during a one-hour local television recording in Aspen, Colorado. Pam Wilson (Executive Director, FireWise Council of Southwest Colorado, Courtney Peterson (Wildfire Mitigation Education Coordinator, Colorado State Forest Service), Bill Kight (Public Information and Public Affairs Officer, White River National Forest, USDA Forest Service) Ron Biggers (Deputy Fire Marshal, Glenwood Springs Fire Department) and I met at the GrassRoots Community Network TV station to discuss “Wildfire Preparedness: Creating Fire Adapted Communities.


I participated in a similar recording several years ago with a similar group of practitioners. This year’s taping was a good opportunity for me to reflect on how my understanding of FAC has evolved. As we panelists discussed FAC I realized that—thanks to the attention that FAC has received across the country—it was with relative ease that our group discussed different aspects of what it means to be fire adapted. Compared to a few years ago, when our original group stumbled a bit through what FAC is or isn’t, this time around it felt more natural to relay examples of FAC on the ground. Check out the video and see if you think we got it right. Are there any other tips that you use to talk about FAC to public audiences?

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One thought on “How Has Your Understanding of FAC Evolved?”

  1. Doc says:

    Thanks, Molly. I have seen both presentations. This update provided some specifics which could be adopted here.

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