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Annie Schmidt

Annie Schmidt

Leavenworth, WA 98826

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WA 98826
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Annie Schmidt has worked with wildfire response, resilient landscapes, and fire adapted communities for the past 20 years. Annie is currently a staff member for the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network.

Prior to her current position, Annie worked for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources facilitating the report to Washington State’s legislature centered on Substitute House Bill 2561. During her tenure with the Washington State Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, Annie helped create the first state-level expansion network, led its policy and partnership effort, and advocated for community adaptation throughout Washington. As the former Director of the Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition in Leavenworth, WA, Annie developed the After the Fire Toolkit and led a grassroots collaborative focused creating long-term behavior change to live better wtih wildfire. Notable projects include authoring the Roadmap for Collaboration Before, During, and After the NEPA Process and development of Washington State’s Strategic Plan for Wildland Fire.

Annie is passionate about sharing fire adapted communities concepts and particularly enjoys teaching the Wildland Urban Interface: Fire Adapted Communities course at the National Fire Academy in Emmittsburg, Maryland. Annie’s other areas of interest include the integration of FAC principles into Incident Management Team operations, the integration of wildfire research and practice, and post-fire recovery. Annie’s work on the ground with communities throughout Washington State, her experience in the volunteer fire service as well as time with both state and federal agencies has provided her with perspectives from multiple scales and throughout the fire cycle (before, during, and after wildfire).

Strategic Planning and Wildfire Policy

Annie facilitated the completion of the Report on Substitute House Bill 2561 to Washington's legislature. The Washington State Wildland Fire Advisory Committee answered three of Washington's most critical wildfire questions, including how to protect currently unprotected land, how to advance community programs that mitigate the impacts of wildland fire, and how to better protect limited English proficiency communities during wildfire emergencies. In addition, Annie helped facilitate the completion of the 10-Year Washington State Wildland Fire Protection Strategic Plan, a document that charts a course for wildfire adaptation in Washington State over the next decade.

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Incident Management Team Integration

In order to promote the integration of fire adapted community information during incidents (when smoke is in the air and a window of opportunity for public engagement exists) the "One More Sentence" tool was developed in 2014. Used successfully in 2014 on a number of incidents, the tool is updated annually to incorporate National Fire Season Themes. Annie has presented fire adapted communities information to Incident Commanders, Information Officers and Liaison Officers throughout Washington and Oregon. She has also presented tools and fire adapted communities information to S-203 (Introduction to Incident Information) students and local fire departments. Materials available for sharing: One More Sentence toolkit, Powerpoint presentations, Incident Management Team Integration white paper, and sample delegation of authorities.

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After the Fire

Annie led the development of the After the Fire toolkit, designed to help communities communicate quickly and effectively post-fire. Designed to be customized using free software, printed from any desktop computer, and easy to access, the After the Fire toolkit includes brochures, door hangers, public service announcements, posters and more. Resources available for sharing: lots! See

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