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Central Cascades Fire & EMS

Central Cascades Fire & EMS

Crescent Lake, OR 97733-1065

  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Firefighter/ Fire department
  • Firewise Communities / Defensible space
  • Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire
  • Fuels treatment economics
  • Local workforce capacity building
  • Wildfire risk assessment
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Central Cascades Fire & EMS protects a small rural remote resort community in the central Oregon Cascade Mountains. We have a small year round population base of 100 with approximately 140,000 annual visitors to the regions lakes, streams, rivers, mountains, ski areas, campgrounds, etc.

We have small volunteer and tax base to implement fuels reduction and wildland fire prevention programs in our 30 square mile district, while also providing fire and first response EMS and rescue services. Staffing is our major challenge due to the small resident population. We provide fire prevention, fuels reduction, and safety information and outreach to local homeowner associations and neighborhood groups. Weather often presents a challenge with snow and/or ice present from September to June. Summers are generally warm/hot and dry increasing wildfire danger, particularly in recreation areas. We work closely with regional state and federal forest services and fire fighters and law enforcement agencies.

Fuels Reduction Resources Trailer/Cache

We are working to provide a local mobile cache of fuels reduction tools and equipment resources that can be "checked out" to local homeowner associations and neighborhood groups to encourage fuels reduction projects by vacation homeowners and residents. This trailer is equipped with PPE, tools and equipment and reference materials for a group to undertake a fuels reduction project within their local community/neighborhood. Groups utilizing this resource will be oriented to safety and use procedures prior to check-out and will be responsible for replacing expendable supplies used. We are working jointly with the regional state forestry affiliate to also make a chipper available to complete these fuels reduction projects. Areas may be assessed before and after projects to ensure that goals are met or addressed.

Public Outreach Education and Information

Provide public outreach to homeowner associations, neighborhood and recreation group meetings prior to, and during, wildfire season to educate and encourage residents and visitors to contribute to a fire safe environment, and fire adapted community. This includes providing materials, evaluations, property assessments, etc. for residents and business use. Provide "Open House" forums and opportunities for public outreach and education.

Home Inspection and Smoke Alarm Installation Program

Provide community resident WUI Fuels and Home inspections and smoke alarm installations. These services are provided as requested at no charge to community residents. Smoke alarms are provided through support from the Oregon State Fire Marshal and NVFC programs. The goal is to ensure that every residence has working smoke alarms.