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Craig Bienz

Craig Bienz


  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Forest/ecosystem management
  • Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire
  • Fuels treatment economics
  • Monitoring/Assessment
  • Watershed protection/management
  • Wildfire risk assessment
Existing Member Affiliations:

As a forest project manager with The Nature Conservancy, I plan, design, and implement landscape scale restoration projects to achieve ecosystem services, increase resiliency of natural systems, enhance ecological processes, and maintain biodiversity.

I have developed multi-party agreements to work across administrative and jurisdictional boundaries to facilitate landscapes scale restoration projects. Fire and hydrologic regimes, forest structure and species composition are areas of interest. I conduct research on effectiveness of fire and forest restoration projects.

Chiloquin Community Forest and Fire Project

The purpose of this project is to achieve fire resistance, fire response, forest health, wildlife habitat, and grazing objectives on private land on a landscape-level scale, across boundaries with Fremont-Winema National Forest and private land project implementation as the ultimate objective.

Big Coyote Fuels SPA

The purpose of this Project is for the parties to cooperate and exchange resources in various aspects of prescribed fire management and fuels management, on 14,077 acres, including but not limited to: training and development, planning, and implementation of prescribed fire and/or mechanical fuel treatments. The stakeholders have long range goals to reintroduce fire into U.S. ecosystems at ecologically-relevant scales. This will be facilitated through restoration of fire adapted ecosystems, improve community safety, enhance training and education opportunities, facilitate sharing of science and traditional ecological knowledge related to fire in a contemporary context and expertise, and increase overall fire management capacity. This project will implement prescribed fire across public and private land.