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Darren Borgias

Darren Borgias

Medford, OR 97520

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Trained as a vegetation ecologist, professionally geared up in conservation planning, design and implementation, habitat restoration, and fire ecology and management. Increasingly focused on effective social engagement to increase pace, scale and quality for forest restoration and returning fire’s beneficial role for nature and people, “using fire”.

Ashland Forest Resiliency

10 year stewardship agreement with USFS, City of Ashland and Lomakatsi to thin and reduce fuels on 7000 acres of FS land. Project now expanded to also treat 4000 acres of crossboundary private lands.

Rogue Basin Cohesive Forest Restoration Strategy

A 20 year detailed and pragmatic vision of forest restoration designed to address modeled wildland fire risk, to address recovery of the ESA listed Northern Spotted Owl, return balance to forests by restoring more open canopy stands, and reduce fuel/fire hazards near the communities at risk, using a combination of funding sources including restoration byproduct sales income through federal stewardship authority.

Using Fire Knowledge Exchange

Holding meetings, workshops with researcher support on cognitive maps and smoke modeling to explore and overcome barriers and reach new agreements to using fire at a scale commensurate with the natural range of variation for the benefit of nature and people