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Edith Hannigan

Edith Hannigan

P.O. Box 944246 Sacramento, CA 94244-2460

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P.O. Box 944246
CA 94244-2460
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Firewise Communities / Defensible space
  • Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire
  • Ignition-resistant home construction
  • Wildfire recovery
  • Wildfire risk assessment
  • WUI codes and ordinances

Edith is the statewide manager for the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection’s land use planning policies. The Board is the regulatory arm of CAL FIRE (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection) and is authorized to regulate land use and development in the California WUI.

Edith works with cities and counties across the state to integrate wildfire hazard planning into their general plans. She also researches, writes, and revises the Board’s laws for regulating land use development in the WUI. These laws provide minimum fire safety standards for roadways, street and building signs, water supply, and defensible space. She provides technical assistance to other state agencies on wildfire hazard planning, including CalOES, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, California Department of Housing and Community Development, and other CAL FIRE divisions. Edith serves as primary point of contact for questions from agencies and the public regarding the WUI, land use planning, and range management issues.

Growing up in New Jersey, Edith’s hometown often experienced flooding and she became interested in how we could build communities that were more resilient to natural disasters. She earned a Master of Planning from the University of Southern California and a BA in Geography from Rutgers University. She believes in an all-hazards approach to resiliency and planning and incorporating climate change and disaster adaptation into all aspects of the planning, building, and community development processes.

SRA Fire Safe Regulations, 2020

Updating the regulations for fire safe development in the State Responsibility Area in California. These regulations set the state minimum requirements for road ingress and egress, water supply, addressing, and fuel modification in the SRA (California's WUI). They'll be effective on January 1, 2020, the next effective date of the triennial California Fire Code update. A workgroup will be reviewing and updating these regulations on the same 3 year cycle as the California Fire Code.

Board Policies on Fire Protection Update

The Board is undertaking a project to update all their working policies, and I'm specifically working on updating the policies related to fire protection planning. These policies guide the Board's decision making in terms of their annual priorities, regulatory projects, any Legislative proposals, and other programs.

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