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Frank Riley

Frank Riley Jr.

South Hiawassee, GA 30546


South Hiawassee
GA 30546

Frank Riley is the Executive Director at the Chestatee/ Chattahoochee RC&D Council in Hiawassee, Georgia. Frank has been a Professional Forester since graduating from University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources in 1971 working in industry, private, and state forestry. The Chestatee/Chattahoochee RC&D Council is a non-profit organization that administers grants and projects for landowners and other groups that are engaged in agriculture and natural resource operations, farms, ranches, and businesses.

Appalachian RC&D Coalition

A group of 5 RC&D Councils between North Georgia and South Virginia to promote FAC and Firewise Community programs along the Appalachian Mountains in this area. We developed the coalition and will be the leader for the group.

NRCS grant - “Enhancing Program Delivery for the People Who Need it Most - Georgia’s Small Landowners”

This grant is for 3 years and is tailored for small landowners (farmers, forest land owners, homeowners, and any other citizen of North Georgia who is interested in learning about forest management, gardening, High Tunnels, Organic farming, Soil health, row crops, pasture management, and other topics that small landowners need to learn about. It will be 12 field days over 3 years and will cover all of North Georgia.

Georgia Firewise Liaison

Chestatee/Chattahoochee RC&D is now the Georgia Firewise Liaison responsible for the Firewise program for all of Georgia. We are contracting with the Georgia Forestry Commission and will partner with the GFC personnel in local communities to promote and present Firewise and FAC to the communities all across Georgia. Developing Fire Adapted Communities which will include Firewise and Ready Set Go all across Georgia is our goal for as many of our 159 counties as we can get involved in our program. Our deliverables are to present 18 FAC/Fire/RSG programs, participate in 6 fairs and events, develop 6 new Firewise Communities (we already have those done), and administer the Firewise Mitigation Grant (up to $5,000 each) for our existing Firewise Communities. Georgia presently has 83 Firewise Communities and all 83 renewed in 2015 which shows that the citizens value the program in their communities.

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