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Gloria Erickson

Gloria Erickson

Ely, MN 55731

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Gloria Erickson is the Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator at Dovetail Partners, Inc. – Ely, MN. Gloria lives in the woods, literally. She began her association with Dovetail Partners, Inc. in 2011 when she was hired as the local coordinator for the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR), which funded a “Community- Driven Sustainable Bio-Energy Project.” This project assisted the communities of Ely and Grand Marais, MN in looking at the feasibility of implementing Biomass District Heating facilities in their respective communities.
Presently, she is working with Dovetail as their local coordinator in partnership with the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network program, a national network of partners working to promote wildfire risk assessment, risk reduction and wildfire safety. Gloria’s role is to assist community-driven wildfire risk reduction efforts through data compilation, analysis of existing programs and partnerships, networking, on-the-ground hazardous fuels reduction demonstrations, Firewise education and helping the community develop long term goals, strategies and partnerships for wildfire risk management.

FAC Outreach

Dovetail has hosted multiple public community events in and around the Ely area geared towards wildfire resilience and mitigation education, outreach and hands-on training. This has included Firewise presentations and open houses, hazardous fuels removal during Chipper Days, and Demo Days that depict tools and techniques for removing hazardous fuels from private properties. These educational events have created resident demand for additional wildfire resiliency and mitigation events. Positive feedback from agency partners and residents has been overwhelming and have given us traction moving forward. Over the past two years, local FAC representatives have partnered with Regional Firewise Specialists, USFS personnel and local fire departments to do four hands-on Firewise Demonstrations on private landowner properties. These events were open to the public and widely advertised. They were two hours in length and involved walking the property showing and discussing Firewise best practices in the Home Ignition Zone. We also received funding from the MN DNR Firewise program to conduct four roadside chipping days and hauled away woody debris removed by landowners. All events were well attended and highly praised by land owners and agency partners.

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Evacuation Mapping

Dovetail has partnered with Vermilion Community College on a GIS evacuation/road access mapping project. Working with student interns, the project is developing GIS ground coordinates of properties and roads at the end of the North Arm area of Ely. Presently, there are no maps of this area nor an actual record of the number of cabins/homes in this vicinity to aid Emergency Response personnel. The goal of this project is to raise evacuation planning and wildfire risk awareness and produce tangible documents which can assist emergency personnel in the future.

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Living with Wildfire Community Art Contest and Exhibit

An art contest and exhibition(s) open to all ages, children to adult, involving all visual art mediums depicting various aspects of living in a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) in Ely, MN and how community members live with the potential threat of wildfire and related risks. This project serves as both a community engagement and public awareness building activity. It will bring community members together to meet one another, highlight local area artists of all ages, focus on the risks that wildfires pose to residents and visitors and potential mitigation activities that can be taken to reduce wildfire risks. A call for artists has been distributed and the exhibit(s) will take place during Summer 2016.

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