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Gord Chipman

Gord Chipman

Williams Lake, Canada

  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Cultural burning
  • Fire prevention education
  • Firewise Communities / Defensible space
  • Forest/ecosystem management
  • Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire
  • Fuels treatment economics
  • Ignition-resistant home construction
  • Local workforce capacity building
  • Wildfire recovery
  • Wildfire risk assessment
  • WUI codes and ordinances

Professional Forester for 25 years, Fire nerd, currently manage 120,000 hectares of dry belt Douglas Fir. I have worked with the Indigenous community for the past 10 years in the central interior of British Columbia. My home town is Williams Lake. We have logging crews and field crews conducting forest fuel treatments on approx 300 hectares per year. We prescribe burn 500 hectares per year. In the future, we plan to do 1000 hectares per year soon.

Dog Creek Road Egress Route

Completed a 200 meter wide fuel treatment on both sides of the road for 80 kilometers to allow 2,500 residents a safe evacuation route from the next mega fire.

Wildfire Risk Managment Plan

80,000 hectare plan to identify where the highest risks are on the landscape. This identifies were the highest priorities are to sort out since we have limited resources, and capacity to do per year. We approximate we can only treat 1000 hectares per year.

Treatment units near the Esk'etemc reserve.

Fuel treatment in the highest risk around Esk'etemc reserve. This was a landscape level shaded fuel break that was approximately 8 kilometers long.