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Grand County Wildfire Council


Grand County Wildfire Council

Granby, CO 80446

The Grand County Wildfire Council is a non-profit, community-based educational outreach organization serving the residents and visitors of Grand County, Colorado. GCWC provides a countywide platform that connects practitioners to develop a collective voice to better advocate for wildfire resiliency. The Council seeks to work collaboratively with members from local, state, and federal government agencies; local fire departments; homeowner groups; businesses; and concerned citizens in promoting wildfire prevention, preparedness, mitigation, and survival through education and action. Most of the work that the GCWC has done to date has been educational in nature. Through increased funding, the Council anticipates engaging in demonstration sites, a slash removal program, fuels reduction projects and creating defensible space around homes and infrastructure. The GCWC is also collaborating with the County to adopt community development, planning and building codes and guidelines relating to the wildland urban interface.

Increase the number of Firewise Communities in Grand County

Establish WUI codes within the Community Development/Planning/Building Departments

Create and sustain a countywide slash removal program