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Gravitas Peak Wildland Fire Module


Gravitas Peak Wildland Fire Module

Boulder, CO 80302

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The Gravitas Peak Wildland Fire Module is a 14-person, Type 1 capable, wildland fire crew. Focused primarily on prescribed fire and fuels management, the Module is a highly adaptable resource comprised of a Type 5 Wildland Engine, a fully self-sufficient 10-person hand crew, and appropriate overhead and technology assets to implement meaningful fire ecology projects.

On the implementation level, the Module works within a catchment area defined by an approximate 750 mile radius from Denver, Colorado. This catchment area encompasses the Great Plains, the Inter-Mountain West, Great Basin and Southwest.

One mission of the Module is to re-introduce prescribed fire to fire adapted ecosystems on a landscape scale. This returns our valued wildlands to a healthy and resilient state, protecting vital resources such as watersheds and wildlife habitat, and reduces the risk of catastrophic fire in the surrounding communities.

The Module also has an equally important parallel mission. It serves as a training program for transitional age youth at risk, providing a fully supported 18-month firefighter training program that prepares this highly vulnerable population for competitive employment with the Nation’s land management agencies and a path to success and independence.

The Module accomplishes these missions by partnering with stakeholders to conceptualize forest management and prescribed fire projects as well as providing the administrative and technical services to make these projects a reality.

The Module is relentless in its focus to utilize prescribed fire as both an ecological tool and a training ground to provide disadvantaged young adults the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and generational trauma, through the development of job skills that will be vital to community resilance in the coming decades.