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Humboldt County Fire Safe Council


Humboldt County Fire Safe Council

1106 Second Street Eureka, CA 95501

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1106 Second Street
CA 95501
  • Communications/outreach
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Cultural burning
  • Evacuation planning
  • Firewise Communities / Defensible space
  • Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire
  • Ignition-resistant home construction
  • Local workforce capacity building
  • Wildfire risk assessment

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors (Board) formed the Humboldt County Fire Safe Council (FSC) in 2002. Periodically, the Board passes a resolution to renew the FSC, recognizing that community-based fire planning efforts assist residents in making their homes, neighborhoods, and communities fire safe. The members of the Board continue to support the FSC so that it may oversee the maintenance and implementation of the Humboldt County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) and, when appropriate, to inform and make recommendations to the Board.

The mission of the FSC is to:
– Serve as a forum for the implementation of the measures outlined in the CWPP
– Share fire-safety information
– Assess fire risk
– Promote community fire-safe planning and coordination
– Link fire-prevention programs
– Support the fire service and local FSCs

Humboldt County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The County of Humboldt and the FSC are in the process of updating the 2013 CWPP. This work began in early 2017 and will be completed in late winter, 2019. We had 14 community workshops in the fall of 2017. The Administrative Draft will be out for review in late spring 2018, with the public draft available in summer 2018. We're using a community and stakeholder intensive process to identify realistic actions to be implemented over the next 5 years to prepare Humboldt County to live with wildfire. For more information, check out the website link below. You can also email Cybelle Immitt, to be added to the stakeholder mailing list.

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Fire Adapted Landscapes & Safe Homes (FLASH)

FLASH is a cost-share program designed to assist property owners with the job of reducing their risk to wildfire by thinning flammable vegetation around their homes and along their access routes. The program focuses on high wildfire hazard areas in Humboldt County and will reimburse property owners as much as $650 per acre up to a maximum of $3,000. A set of community representatives from local Fire Safe Councils, facilitate the project implementation, reviewing potential projects and assisting landowners in participation and compliance. For more details, view the FLASH 2014 information handout at

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Open Humboldt Wildfire Preparedness Survey

We created an online survey to get a sense about wildfire community preparedness as part of our CWPP update. It was based Sarah McCaffrey's work for the Santa Clara County Fire Department's CWPP. This is the survey introductory text: The County of Humboldt is in the process of updating the Humboldt County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, or “CWPP”. The CWPP is intended to inspire and guide actions that will mitigate wildfire losses in all vulnerable communities within Humboldt County and help communities become more Firewise and fire adapted. It is being updated to reflect current wildfire risks, celebrate accomplishments from the past 5 years, and present the most up-to-date recommendations for how to prepare Humboldt County communities for wildfire. As part of the CWPP process, we’re seeking input from Humboldt County residents regarding priorities for preparing vulnerable communities in Humboldt County for the eventuality of wildfire. Thank you for taking some time to answer the following questions about your home and/or property in Humboldt County. You do not have to answer all the questions. However, any information you can share with us will help to better prepare our neighborhoods and communities for wildfire. If you would like to get involved and talk with your local fire department or fire safe council (FSC), please provide your contact information where prompted.

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