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Island Park Sustainable Fire Community


Island Park Sustainable Fire Community

Island Park, ID 83429

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Island Park
ID 83429
  • Communications/outreach
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
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  • Firewise Communities / Defensible space
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The Island Park Sustainable Fire Community (IPSFC) is a collaborative group of concerned citizens, representatives from private businesses, non-profit organizations and local, state and federal government agencies. The IPSFC is working diligently to help balance the scales of the wildland-urban interface and fire adapted communities. We are committed to developing a strong social, ecological and sustainable forest community.

Yale Creek Right-of-way Enhancement

Thinning along the county rights-of-way (ROW) within the Yale Creek Subdivision to enhance egress traffic flow and emergency personnel movement and staging during times of fire threat.

Public Education

Through individual contact as well as formal and informal group meetings, inform the residents of the underlying fire potential faced within the community and offer solutions to assist them in reducing that threat and building an area that will be tolerant wildfire as well as forest insect and disease occurrences.