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John Van Doren

John Van Doren

Bailey, CO 80421

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  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Evacuation planning
  • Firewise Communities / Defensible space
  • Forest/ecosystem management
  • Fuels treatment / Prescribed fire
  • Ignition-resistant home construction
  • Wildfire risk assessment

I am the president and one of the founders of Fire Adapted Bailey. We are located in a Colorado Front Range WUI in North Park County. We started by building on a core foundation of five recognized Firewise communities. These communities comprise over 40% of our Bailey area residential parcels. Firewise leaders from these communities make up the majority of our board.

After working through our Fire Adapted Community Self-Assessment it became clear that our first order of business was the mitigation of our critical evacuation roadways. Starting in October 2018, we launched a Crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 to complete this work which will now start in the Spring of 2019. We are also in the process of conducting wildfire (FSIM) modeling and a POD analysis in order to provide a science-based and strategic basis for our mitigation efforts.

We work in close collaboration with the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District on evacuation planning, a new updated CWPP in process, and mitigation grants.

A little more about me: I am currently retired. I am a Mechanical Engineer and Architect by training and spent the bulk of my career leading turnarounds and startups in the manufacturing sector.

Crowdfunding for Critcal Evacuation Roadway Right of Way Mitigation

Launched crowdfunding campaign October 2018 to raise $100K to mitigate choke points on critical county road rights of way. Had raised $25K by year end. Campaign runs until April 15. Discovered this was a great way to build community and raise public awareness. This effort has resulted in the business community, sheriff's office, school district, fire protection district, and county commissioners all pulling the wagon in the same direction.

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Working with the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District and the Forest Stewards Guild we are partners in creating a new CWPP for North Park County. This will include community input, FSIM modeling, and a POD analysis that will allow us to better understand Wildfire behavior in or area at the landscape level. Armed with this new information we expect to be able to strategically focus our mitigation efforts starting in late 2019.

Community Outreach and Education (ongoing)

We are currently working with WiRe to pilot both Rapid Assessment and a Community Survey in one of our subdivisions.