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Majors Ranch Firewise

Firewise Coordinating Group

Majors Ranch Firewise

PO Box 109 La Veta, CO 81055

PO Box 109
La Veta
CO 81055
  • Evacuation planning
  • Fire prevention education
  • Firewise Communities / Defensible space
  • Ignition-resistant home construction
  • Local workforce capacity building
  • Wildfire recovery

Majors Ranch is a large-23,000 acre- rural residential community in Huerfano County Colorado. Our average lot size is 122 acres and as of 2018, 66 homes and many absentee property owners.

The Firewise Committee was established to create a cohesive effort among the property owners to awake to the realities of wildfire in a dry, remote and vulnerable landscape.


Our focus at all times is trying to make our owners aware of the wild fire threat within Huerfano County and now, after the Spring Creek Fire, within the Ranch itself.

Connect the Dots

A lesson learned during the Spring Creek Fire was the need for safe and mitigated driveways both for evacuation and firefighter access especially given the large lot size of our properties. By extension, it made sense to extend this concept to our 24 miles of private roads especially as a starting point for creating safe evacuation/ access routes. With that in mind, the Firewise committee has proposed a program of mitigating all the road intersections ( the Dots) in Majors Ranch and then as time and funding permit, connect the Dots. That is mitigate the roadways leading to those intersections. Besides needing to proceed in steps, the progression will: 1)Be very visible to the property owners and hopefully motivate them to get on board 2)With a strategy in mind and already begun, it should be easier to get grant funding to complete the project.