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Mound House Advisory Committee

Firewise Coordinating Group

Mound House Advisory Committee

11 McClellan Peak Rd. MOUND HOUSE, NV 89706-7014

11 McClellan Peak Rd.
NV 89706-7014

The Mound House Advisory Committee (MHAC) is an elected group of citizens living in Mound House, NV. This committee advises the Lyon County Planning Commission as to the needs of the Mound House community in addition to its advisory capacity, the board provides general information to the community regarding: fuels reduction, fire safety within the urban interface, and evacuation procedures.

Darrylyn Sinette-Diffenbaugh is the contact for this profile. They are a retired Jr. Highschool educator that also worked as a Forestry Technician for 16 years in “Fire Aviation” with the USFS and BLM. They have been a volunteer firefighter and it has sparked interest and concerned about the survivability of the people, livestock and houses in the area of Mound House where they live.

Lyon County Plan

Darrlylyn has set up a meeting with the Lyon County Fire Prevention Specialist. They have been told that in order to get this done, we need to have a plan for this area. Apparently in 2006 there was a plan for our area that was not accepted by the Central Lyon County Fire Dept. It has been determined that this area needs an up to date fire plan and this is their first step.