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Old Bisbee Firewise

Firewise Coordinating Group

Old Bisbee Firewise

Bisbee, AZ 85603

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Old Bisbee Firewise educates residents about local fire risks and how to mitigate those risks in and around our quaint, historic, Mule Mountain City of Bisbee, AZ. We encourage everyone’s active participation, and we’ve partnered with the nonprofit Step Up Bisbee/Naco, which is dedicated to helping residents who cannot help themselves. We also work closely with our local fire department to identify and address City-wide fire department needs. We have infrastructure, vehicle, gear and training needs, and are eager to address them all.

Thus far, and in partnership with the AZ State Department of Forestry and Fire Management, we have gone door-to-door, canvasing the part of the City that is considered most at risk of fire. We’ve designated a talented and enthusiastic group of precinct and neighborhood co-captains. They in turn have invited neighbors to countless kitchen-table working group discussions all across town, and collectively we have sponsored several larger, well-attended public “Firewise Chats.” Close to 50 people in town, including most of our co-captains, have now received formal (weekend-long) training in conducting property-specific Firewise Assessments. Meanwhile, Step Up Bisbee/Naco volunteers have rolled up their sleeves and also hired our local recovery house workers to begin addressing properties belonging to some of our low-income elderly and disabled residents. Finally, we have been coordinating our “Members Stop Embers” efforts with our supportive City leaders, and we plan many fun, community-wide “Days of Action.”