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Pablo Akira Beimler

Pablo Akira Beimler

Honokaa, HI 96727

I work as the Community Outreach Coordinator for Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization, a small non-profit organization tasked with a large mission of helping to protect communities and natural resources across the Hawaiian Islands from wildfires. Our non-profit is unique in that much of the work we do is typically done by federal, state, or local agencies. Much of our focus is on the wildfire prevention and preparedness — we have adopted many national programs for our Hawaii-based programming. I have the incredible opportunity of working with several communities and schools statewide to introduce these programs to residents of all ages.

Born and raised in the metropolis that is Los Angeles, I have gradually shifted my life towards being closer to nature, where I truly can thrive. My undergraduate studies at University of California, Berkeley, and experiences living at and working for the Berkeley Student Cooperative brought me out of my shell and reinforced my passions for environmental protection, community organizing, and equality and justice for all people, especially those who are most vulnerable. Soon after college, I lived in Lake Tahoe to work for Cal Fire for two summers through a unique pilot program to help homeowners protect their homes from wildfire. Our team of four’s success led to a large expansion of the program throughout California with the creation of dozens of new positions working to achieve similar goals.

I now live on Hawaii Island amongst the powerful, raw natural forces here – you cannot escape nature on this island, which is a feeling I have wanted to have for years. As a Community Outreach Coordinator for Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization, I have learned a great deal about non-profit management and have improved my collaboration, event coordinating, public speaking, product design, and web/social media skills. I also work with incredible people who all want to help make a difference by protecting our precious communities, lands, and waters from the growing threat of wildfires across the State of Hawaii.

I am interested in pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. in the near future. I want to focus my studies on community hazard resilience in the face of climate change.