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Rapid City Fire Department

Rapid City Fire Department

Rapid City, SD 57701

Mission Statement: Prepare, Prevent, Protect

Core Values: Reliability, Service, Professionalism, Pride, Integrity, and Loyalty

Purpose: The Department primarily focuses its efforts on public education, fire prevention initiatives, preparedness and overall community risk reduction. Should these efforts fail, we are ready,prepared and trained to respond to a wide variety of calls for service. We do this with fire suppression resources, advanced life support transport services, a technical rescue team, a hazardous materials team, aircraft rescue and firefighting response and other services. These services are dispatched from 7 strategically located fire stations throughout the community and operate from an annual budget of over $12.5 M.

Wildfire Impact-Survivable Space Initiative:
The heavily populated WUI area in Rapid City is inundated with heavy ladder fuels under an overgrown forest canopy. This area has over 200 million in home and property value in developments interspersed within the urban interface and are situated in a manner where slope, terrain, and fuel loading are all aligned for a catastrophic fire event. Individual landowners live in close proximity to one another, and multiple structure ignitions at one time which will quickly over tax resources is likely in the present state. These interface communities join one another and pose a significant threat to the surrounding Rapid City community at large. In response, the Survivable Space Initiative was created in 2011 to introduce fire adapted concepts to our community. The fundamental goal for homeowners living in our Wildland Urban areas is for them to understand the concepts of fire resistive construction, landscapes, and their ability to live adapted to fire in a fire resilient landscape. Giving knowledge, not just information, is what makes the difference. Building trust with the homeowner by taking the time to listen and then demonstrating the willingness to work for a solution brings positive results and homeowner empowerment. This qualitative approach has been well received and has produced not only informed homeowners but strong relationships within our wildland urban community.

Survivable Space Initiative

Giving residents in our wildland urban zone the knowledge, tools, and financial assistance needed to become adapted to the natural occurrence of fire.

Veterans Wildfire Mitigation Crew

Giving our nations heroes the stepping stone from active duty to normal civilian life though employment and education while creating fire resilient landscapes in our community.